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Problem With "New" Tables

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  • Problem With "New" Tables

    Hi everyone. I just DL'd FX2 for XBLA including the update patch but cannot see any "new" tables in my collection menu. For instance, I played Paranormal @ a friends house and that prompted me to DL the client so I could buy it along with the other "new" games. The only tables I can view are the FX Core, FX Classic, Marvel Pinball and Marvel: Vengence and Virtue tables. Do I have to delete and download the client all over again? Please tell me theres a better way to fix this

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    Possible Solution

    I just discovered that I can still view and DL all of the available tables via the Dashboard so I suppose that takes care of that. However I think it would still be nice to see the tables within the actual game interface. I'm hoping the next update patch will fix it. Sorry for wasting threadspace


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      It's just our shady way of trying to get people to buy a pack. You don't have to, technically, but the individual tables won't show in the in-game store until you do.


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        Haha, yeah I noticed today after I DLed the Marvel pack it seemed to have made the other tables available in game. I just thought maybe my update client was bad or something. Thanks for clarifying