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  • eSport: pinball possibilities

    eSports; seems to be a growing thing.
    Can we help turn pinball into an exciting eSport?

    Virtual pinball has a very large player base on multiple platforms.
    There is certainly enough variety available considering the number of tables out, and difficulty can be increased via Zen's Operators Menu.

    If people will watch Starcraft 2 matches, perhaps exciting timed pinball matches (such as those available in Zen's PS3 & Xbox360 two table match mode "Split-Screen Race" & "Xbox LIVE Play") would also appeal to an audience.

    However, other single player views do provide more exciting graphics at times and it would be advantageous if close-up views could be used at important points in matches. So perhaps there is some advantage to matches that employ simultaneous single player games. This would require either extensive video editing or split-screen simulcasting.

    How to get started:

    1) Play a match with a friend that you video capture and put up on YouTube or stream on a dedicated eSport internet service like
    It would be very helpful if there was a voice-over commentator to help explain the action & create excitement.

    I would suggest match lengths of 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes. Optimum match play times will eventually be determined.

    note: video capture & editing/formatting can be done using free applications.

    2) Let, [Major League Gaming], and other eSport providers & sponsors know that you would be interested in watching, creating, and/or participating in organized pinball eSport events. Use twitter, facebook, or email to contact sites.

    3) Top players: are you interested!?

    4) Post your comments and ideas in this thread.

    p.s. not an April 1st joke.

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    yeah im down to that

    i am a real pinball player,. so yeah, sign me up


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      The Penny Arcade Report recently put up an article related to pinball as a spectator sport:

      Personally, I'm interested in theory. But practically speaking, my free time is limited and I'd generally rather spend it playing pinball than watching it.


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        Agreed Panda. The City Is My Church


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          Would love to see this happen.

          Official Pinball Guides (PFX3 etc.) - Written & Video Form

          PSN = SrkToTheChin
          Xbox Live = SrkToTheChin
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            I am not as good as the top people in the FX 2 leaderboards, but I am a solid 'B' rank player, I think. My super score would be quite a bit higher if I didn't focus most of my time on certain favorite tables, and tried to get really good at all of them. I would love to compete, and if I had the money and transportation I would be entering actual machine-based tournaments like the PAPA and others.

            I'm all for this, be it FX 2 or the new Pinball Arcade (as soon as I buy that one, anyway).