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  • Report of some Errors

    Hi guys, I was testing windows 8 and your game and I've found some errors:
    the 1° is that after played the bonus "After the midnight" the "Whisper" remain still on his gate and vanish after done for 3 times "Meet the Whisper"
    The 2° Is always after "After the midnight" bouns, but this time when you play the bonus "Gates to the Void", inside the Blue Gates there's the image of the "Crazy Ghosts" over every Blue Gate

    If you need some other tests, just send an email I will be happy to test your software
    P.S. That's my high-score
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    I sent this through to the team last week Thanks for letting us know.


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      Another bug (I think)
      After discoverd a "short-path" if the ball is going in the short path, the "short path" do not disappear...
      I don't know if this is a bug, but I wanted to report just to be sure... This is a great game and it's an honor to test it!
      Hoping you will relese other tables to test!
      Hear you soon!


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        A new bug discovered right now!
        After the start of a bonus (In my case, "Skeletons") if you restart the game the music don't change back! So in my case, I restarted to start a new game, and there's the same music of the bonus!
        P.S. I was thinking, where I can subscribe as beta tester? In this way I will post other bugs directly to the team! (This is not the first time )