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    Finally beat the wizard mode, the last trophy I needed to be back at 100%. Funny how I beat the other ones before this one, since this one is technically easier then the others.


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      This sensitivity of the flippers is interesting now that I think about it. Since I have mostly been playing on iOS, there is no analog input so the upper and lower flippers always act in concert. It has been awhile since I have played real pinball tables, but some of them had two-stage flippers (i.e. you can activate the lower flippers without activating the upper ones by using a lighter touch). I guess this sensitivity function is their solution to the two-stage flipper. This is particularly useful for multiball. For example, if you are on a multiball mission like one of the Ymir missions on the Thor table. One shot is the right orbit which can be blocked if the right upper flipper is activated, such as when you are holding a ball in the lower right flipper. If you have a two stage flipper you can deactivate the upper flipper with a lighter touch so you can continue to hold one of the balls with the lower right flipper while making a right orbit shot with the left flipper.

      This is definitely a significant limitation on the ipad, along with nudging. I was exclusively playing zen pinball on iOS until the new AC pack came out exclusively for the consoles (because I rarely use my ps3 and am not home much to use it). I broke down and bought mp and ac for the ps3 when the ac table pack came out. Although the ipad is an excellent device to play pinball on, I am beginning to realize how superior the gamepad is for virtual pinball.


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        So changing sensitivity in the flippers doesn't deactivate trophies, but what about leader boards?


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          it doesn't deactivate leaderboards either. When you go to the operator's menu, go to adjustments-> additional adjustments. When you get to this submenu, a message pops up that says something like, changes to these features will not effect leaderboards.


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            Originally posted by snakeman07 View Post
            So changing sensitivity in the flippers doesn't deactivate trophies, but what about leader boards?
            Its fine, it tells you in the operator menu about it. As long as its only changes in that section it wont affect your scoreboard results and ability to post to the boards.


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              Originally posted by snakeman07 View Post
              So changing sensitivity in the flippers doesn't deactivate trophies, but what about leader boards?
              No! There is one section in the Operator's Menu, that won't deactivate the leaderboards or the trophies. You can change the flipper sensitivity and change the color of the DMD, among a couple of other things.

              This applies to both Marvel Pinball and Zen Pinball on the PS3.


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                Very cool. Thanks a lot guys, I'm going to have fun changing the DMD color for some of the tables


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                  i think Planet Hulk would had made a better table
                  then again the quality of the book not necessarily affects the table (i mean look at Fear Itself, the comic was pretty meh but the table is awesome)
                  but overall i didn't like the color scheme on this table, it still has some pretty interesting features though


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                    So I just wanted to point out that beating wizard mode isn't as simple as people are claiming. You don't just have to hit all 10 ramps and orbits... There is this little hulk rage meter that you have to fill up by hitting the lit ramps and orbits. What nobody has mentioned is that this meter goes down over time. You have to max the meter before you can lock your balls in the center. You can only hit each ramp once until you have hit them all and then they all light up again. Once they all light up you can hit any of them to continue charging the rage meter. This process will repeat until the rage meter is full and then you can lock your balls in the center. People have wondered why the ramps lit back up briefly after they hit them all, it's because the rage meter isn't quite full. So now that I know how it actually works maybe I can beat it.


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                      bump for the guide the thing mission was giving trouble , i didn't see hulk ramp and kept dying
                      i don't have a pci use ps3 browser


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                        What is the purpose / benefit of spelling out the 'Warbound' letters and getting the four people on board?


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                          Despite owning since release, I have only just started playing this pack.

                          I started with World War Hulk given it's from the guy that did my other two favourite tables (IM / Thor) and it indeed falls in with those really obviously.

                          The flow for all three of these tables feel similar and I really started enjoying this one finally. I guess a long pinball break got me back to fancying playing.

                          As I said in another thread, I like tables that have up-front, easy-to-grasp objectives generally, and Hulk is looking to be another favourite of mine.

                          (Note: I don't read the rule-sheets unless I am genuinely clueless after a couple of hours of play, so there is probably still some stuff I am missing here and there).


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                            End of ball bonus guide

                            Multipliers are raised by hitting the bumpers. Specifically, it's raised for every 30 hivelings killed. I don't know if killing hivelings via the Hiveling ramp counts towards the multipliers.

                            Honor bonus
                            100,000 points per ball
                            Default bonus

                            Side Mission bonus
                            200,000 points per side mission completed.
                            You do not collect the bonus for repeating the same side mission until the wizard mode is attempted.
                            It does not reset when the ball is lost.

                            Main Mission bonus
                            500,000 points per completed mission.
                            It does not reset after a lost ball.

                            Warbound bonus
                            200,000 points per Warbound member recruited per ball

                            Hiveling bonus
                            5,000 points per Hiveling killed per ball

                            Civilians rescued bonus
                            10,000 points per civilian rescued per ball

                            Commentary - if there is a table to gun for the multipliers this is it. The bonuses are high, it's safe and somewhat easy to obtain (mainly via Strength Multiball), you score a lot while raising the multipliers, and you can get an extra ball from it. What else is there to say?
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                              Originally posted by Alipan View Post
                              What is the purpose / benefit of spelling out the 'Warbound' letters and getting the four people on board?
                              I have the exact same question, there better be some sort of 100m points award for the pain and torture I went through to make 35 orbit shots on one ball.
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