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  • grinding multipliers is very possible.

    a) angrir mode diverts balls into the bumpers. If this is running don't shoot ramps, just keep shooting the bumpers. when the ball trickles out let it bounce off the flipper, and you will be able to trap it on one flipepr or the other. shoot it back in.

    b) super jets divert balls into the bumpers. You can get super jets by shooting the bumpers directly with upper flipper, or as a random award from a sinkhole. Once it turns on, again the ball will go to the bumpers.

    c) a lucky drop from nul mode or normal play can get the ball in the bumpers. whenever that white arrow lights, shoot it. and eventually you will get super bumpers

    Most people will probably have more fun fighting Worthies, though. while the orbits are an easy shot from a trapped ball, it's hard to get control of the ball after. and you need a LOT of orbit shots to get raft madness and those multipliers.

    More random tips.

    You CAN beat Nul mode with two well timed flips per loop.
    In Nul mode, if the ball dies in the loop, simply let it dead bounce then raise the left flipper, and the magnet will trap it for you.
    Any ball that slips between the flippers and misses the drain hole can be magnasaved or banged back.
    If you hit a worthy at a spot you already struck it at, you get no ball saver. so trap and wait til it moves where you want.
    It may be worth ignoring the skillshot and hitting a magnasave target, though made skillshots sometimes hit them too.
    That dark asgard standup is kinda dangerous.