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Ideas for event (similar to tornaments)

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  • Ideas for event (similar to tornaments)

    I was thinking we could have some other events going on instead of just tournaments, which I find are fairly easy to miss.
    If you can update ideas then maybe we can get one approved. :P
    My idea was Quests;
    • Every week (open to change perhaps every month) a few tables have a challenge, a certain part of the table to complete, some easy, some hard almost like achievements.
      Once all of the challenges are complete you get a shiny medal as a reward.
      I was thinking that this reward could allow a certain percentage boost for all increases in score for that week...
      The main problem though is for people that may not have a couple of tables in the challenge so they need to have a *trial* with a limit on with enough to allow them to complete it. Perhaps time or attempts.
      This will also allow players to trial a game more in-depthly perhaps persuading them to buy the table.

    The ideas don't have to give rewards, and we cannot have many prize giving ones (poor developers)
    Thanks you, I'm sure I'll enjoy your ideas and we can debate over them. Perhaps one that brings about more of a comunity would be a good one....