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    I have a hypothesis that the difficulty settings on tables vary based on your stats. I want to know what you think about that.

    It seems to me like when we get a new table it's really easy. I hit everything, run through missions like they're nothing, and rack up a decent score rather quickly. About two weeks later it's hard to beat the scores I set on release. Stupid things happen more often, like balls draining on the sides or exactly through the middle. It's hard to describe, but it's things that you can't defend against.

    I've played the Speed Machine table almost every single day for over a year. My highest score was about 90mil until a few weeks ago when I passed 120mil. Since then I have not been able to get more than 70mil on that table and most of the time I don't get much past 40mil. Before the 120 I was able to hit 80 with ease. Now I can spend hour after hour getting less than 40mil because of stupid drains that I can't defend against. When I have kickback and drain protection (airbag) the ball never drains. It never even comes close. But as soon as I don't have the airbag activated, the ball bounces off the side.

    While playing Speed Machine so often I've also noticed that on Friday and Saturday the table is easier and there are less stupid drains. I've been dismissing that observation (even though it consistently happens every weekend) because I thought it was just in my head. People generally feel better on the weekends and I'm no exception. But after my 120 score and judging how extremely difficult the table is now, I'm starting to consider that they may set the difficulty based on rank and also make it a little easier on the weekend maybe because that's when most people play.

    I also remember on Pinball FX1 there was a message saying that the tables become more difficult as you play them.

    Have you noticed (or read) anything with regard to difficulty on the tables?

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    Table difficulties do not change on a game to game basis. You have to enter the operators menu to change a tables difficulty settings. Anything else is coincidence.


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      I am trippin' on your post bro, good stuff.

      Friday & Saturday? Really? This theory is cracking me up dude. I know that after obtaining both kickbacks and the ball saver on any table any player plays with less stress. Freeing the body and mind, so that you may use your muscle memory, and the shots will happen more naturally. I usually change tables every week or two. Maybe your just burning too hard on Speed Machine. Give it a your break. Hone your skills elsewhere, so that when you return to that table, you will feel like a far superior player.You sure gave it a lot of thought.


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        If that was the case (which it isn't ), it would have opened up a huge exploitation opportunity. All you would need to do is to open up a second account. Play a table until you know it really well and feel ready to set a high score. Go into your actual account and then play your first game on the "easier" settings and put up a huge score before the table becomes more difficult.
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          No.....just no..... Sounds like you need to play some other tables more often.


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            I know some games have a "suck factor", but this game is not one of them.

            For example, Mortal Kombat (PS3, 360, Vita) has one if you are playing on an easy setting. Every time you lose and continue, the game starts to dummy down the AI to make sure you can beat your opponent.


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              Yeah, I don't think Zen would program a progressive learning curve into their game for it would be something they'd brag about in the games abilities. I to have scores that I can't seem to catch once I set it, it's out of my reach

              Here's my theory! When we get a new table, we don't know anything about it, so we play in a more relaxed mood, just feeling the table and and keeping the ball in play. However, when we become more comfortable with the table and know it's missions and target shots, then we become more serious attempting to do specific things and accomplish missions. Thus we become slightly more nervous knowing we HAVE to hit that ramp or target to start and or finish missions.

              My Mother-In-Law plays Pinball FX2. She know nothing of the missions or goals and plays for the fun of just keeping the ball in play, and she actually gets descent scores doing so because she doesn't have the worry of hitting specific targets.

              Just a thought!