Howdy folks, Been a little while. Had to move house (wasn't getting on with landlord) so haven't had internet for a few weeks.

Since moving however, I haven't had much of an urge to play pbfx2 and I can't really figure why.

It may simply be the known Marvel fatigue many people have expressed/experienced. But I just don't feel excited about it atm.

I am still buying tables to support Zen (a bit weird eh?)... but I don't really have a huge desire to play them.

Despite the latest 4 being incredibly well designed, I just didn't enjoy the flow on any of them. Upon going back to older tables I used to love, I had no thrill either.

I don't even think the answer is *more tables*. I think I have just become a bit disenchanted with pinball recently. I want to enjoy playing it but I just don't really...

Maybe it's like love, maybe I need to chill out, let the mood take me naturally eh?

I think the last table I genuinely really liked was Thor, which in fairness, wasn't that long a go.

Not sure what kind of replies I am expecting from this, I am not ranting, not blaming Zen or anything else. Probably a pointless post all in all, but just wanted to say it anyway...