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Punisher Vs. Deadpool

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    I'm far more of a fan of 'pool than Punisher. Please read, of his current series, issues 1-17 or so for some of the most hilarious stuff you've ever seen in a comic. That said, I don't think either fits with a "T" rating, and to get them to that "T" would mean watering down the character to much. Wolverine is as close as we've gotten to someone with this much blood on his hands; even Marvel overlooks Wolvie's darkest times (x-force, 90's, bad comics) so it made sense when the table wasn't dripping in blood.

    But these two, they're steeped in blood and not necessarily solely from evil people or bad guyz. Punisher would shoot you for smoking a joint (touchy about drugs) and 'pool could be your friend one minute and beating you senseless the next (in the fit of some "'pool-o-vision" mishap, like what happens to Hydra-Bob when 'pool thinks he's a pirate).

    Some heroes should stay in the comics.