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Pinball FX 2 for Windows 8 phone?

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  • Pinball FX 2 for Windows 8 phone?

    I love Pinball FX 2 on XBox so much that it was the first purchase I made on my Surface RT. When I show off the Surface this is the program I load to impress people. Now I'm about to get a Nokia 920 and am wondering if Pinball FX 2 will work on it, or if there is any plans for a Win 8 RT phone version.

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    I too am looking forward for Pinball FX 2 to make its way to Windows Phone 8. Any news on when?


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      I have the Nokia 920 as well, so I'd like to see a WP8 version at some point! It's not a high priority for us, though, given WP8's low (but improving) market share, but it still may happen eventually.


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        Thanks for the response Solitude. I'm hoping it will happen soon. But I can wait for Windows Phone 9 being from is rumored is that if runs in Windows RT it will run in Window Phone 9 as well and that you guys already have an RT version


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          also looking forward to Zen Pinball on Windows Phone.
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