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Zen Classics are coming to Pinball FX2!

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    Originally posted by Lepruk86 View Post

    Woop Woop!... How about a congratz on the new job eh Zen? You know, just a small token... a table or two? .


    Yeah start on the 7th Jan 2013... I guess I won't be homeless next year and can have nice things again... Like electricity... and water... and food... AND GAMES!!!

    *Tempted to buy Wii-U just because it's new*... >.>
    Congrats Lepruk86... trust it is going to be a rewarding challenge (in addition to the salary!). I'm finishing off my thesis for early February and then it is my turn to start looking for work again... looking forward to having a job again but not to go through the whole interview process again

    Back to the Zen classics... haven't had much chance to play other than Tesla and I'm finding it quite a challenge. It reminds me in a strange way of Pasha... guess it is the magnets and a top flipper shot that is essential to the gameplay. If only I can hit that magna save coil consistently I would be able to make further progress on the table... just can't get more than one shot into the coil in the minute allowed

    I enjoy the fact that it is a low scoring table. It is quite a strange feeling to look up after a half an hours play and realise your score is only 30million. It seems that scoring a 100mil on this table is a nice benchmark.
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      Thanks all, sorry for the thread ninja! Yeah I quit my teaching job before Summer remember, and sort of been floating for 6 months, so it's great to actually find work again.

      And yeah back on topic, I'll be getting these in Jan. I really want them but until I start budget is tight what with christmas etc.

      The tables themselves do look fantastic.


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        Congrats Lepruk! I just got a job too! (Customer service on phone, for various companies). It really is a great feeling to score a good one! I showed that pee test who the boss was!hahahaha. The City Is My Church


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          I just saw the recent blog and now that the guides for the Zen pinball pack is now up. It's nice to see that a guide for these table is up now after so long.

          With the influx of information and the petitions to bring PBFX2 tables to PSN as well, I just looked at table guides for ROME, Pasha etc. These tables look so interesting. I can't help but want the XBOX core pack more and more.


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            congratulation to xbox players, i'll admit i'm a bit jealous
            and thanks Zen for confirming that there is work at hand at bringing the tables to other consoles
            i was patient enough for ZP2 i will be for the time we get PFX tables too


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              It's been a while!!

              I haven't played fx2 since shortly after plants vs zombies was released. So i was happy to find out that there were 5 new tables available to purchase.

              Really digging the el dorado map. Although pan flute music tends to annoy me.... reminds me of this: sp_1211_05.jpg and crappy zanfir music lol. It really suits the style and all, but yea... never a fan of the pan flute.
              I love the theme of it. Reminds me of old quartermain serials, or for you younger folks: indiana jones.

              Also really like the tesla table. I really haven't put much time into shaman yet. V12 just seems absolutely tedious to me from the first playthrough.

              Oh yea, and Civil War. Really liking this table overall. Although when the fights happen the bright red is just well... too damn bright!
              Dig the flow of the table, and the whole gaining allies mechanic.

              anyways, thought i'd drop in and say hi, and thanks for the tables!