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Pinball FX2 Running in Virtual Pinball Cabinet with 42" 1080p Screen - Portrait mode

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    Originally posted by allmodcons View Post
    Hi barbie - I now have purchased 17 tables for my cabinet (in addition to my Xbox purchases) and there is one problem on quite a few tables which is really noticable in portrait mode under Win8, and that is the far too excessiveness brightness of the ball.

    It is like the ball is way too reflective. I don't know if this is related to the 'new' camera angles and the way the ball 'absorbs' the surrounding light but it really makes some tables unplayable. Some tables are fine like biolab, but the best ball is when the lights go down in pasha. The balls isn't ultra reflective which is perfect.

    This might be worse on a 42" screen like I am using due to the size. I have experimented with multiple TV settings and nVidia driver settings and although the tables look awesome the ball really let's some down which is a shame as it is almost perfect .

    Is there a possibility that the devs could allow us to tone down the ball brightness in the settings or select a certain ball ? A friend of mine who plays the xbox FX2 really noticed this as well, so it would be great if this could be changed. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: something that may be relevant. I play with no ball trails as it more realistic, so maybe this makes the ball brightness much more noticeable.
    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll let the team know


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      Originally posted by BarbieBobomb View Post
      Thanks for the suggestion! I'll let the team know
      Thanks Barbie! - I would really appreciate it. As I said it is not an issue on the Xbox, only Win8 so I think it is prob due to the portrait mode camera angles and how the light reflects.... maybe although I'm no expert


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        I have the mac version of zen pinball 2 and it also suffers from too much light reflecting off the ball, but mostly just on the lower part of the playfield near the inlanes and flippers.
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