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On Pinball Fx2 Windows RT: Why signing in as "TexturedGinger1" ??

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  • On Pinball Fx2 Windows RT: Why signing in as "TexturedGinger1" ??

    First of all, I'm not a heavy game user. Pinball Fx is the only game installed and the only one I like.

    Does anybody knows why the Pinball Fx2 on Windows RT / Surface RT signs in automatically as "TexturedGinger1" ?

    Right after I start the game I get the message: "' signed in as TexturedGinger1" and all my scores/points (not local) are showed with this username. The game was installed with my hotmail/livein account. So...I can't understand what this "texturedginger1" means.

    Will appreciate any help,


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    Sounds like an automatically generated "Gamertag." Changing it is a pain.

    (Jesus H. None of that works.)

    You need to change it from within Games For Windows Live. The link goes to the instructions page.

    If you don't have a GFWL game, or an Xbox, I have no idea how you might change it. First change is supposed to be free, but if you want to change it again, it costs 800 points, so choose wisely.

    In any event, attached is a picture of my "Change Gamertag" screen on Xbox Live, but all it does is lead to the instructions I linked above. Microsoft really messed this up.
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      Worst of all, if Carlos is Brazilian he's probably not even a ginger :-(