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Pinball FX 2 - bugs/issues and recommendations

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  • Mars table bug - enter initials @ highscore leaderboard

    There is a bug in all tables when you may enter your initials. It doubles the input for example: type the letter i the system shows: ii

    So some scores in local leaderboard do have the initials: iin
    And this must be: inf


    Extra Ball,
    inF. / =[PF]= (CEO/ADMIN)

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    • I have the same problem.. it moves double letters and puts in 2 letters at a time...


      • Really bad 2 player scoring issue

        Helppp!!! <<As sent on Steam>>

        I just got this game and when my dad actually loved playing it with me, I immediately bought the core table pack and we have played for a few days now. Tonight we are playing 2 player hotseat and I noticed he was kicking my butt more often than the past few days. I finally noticed why.

        When the 2nd player starts, he is given the 1st players score, so if I score 1.4 million on the first ball, his first ball starts with 1.4 million. It shows his arrow all the way to the left, but as soon as the ball is ready to launch the arrow jumps to match mine and when he launches his score is already exactly what my 1st ball ended with.


        • The newest update is full of problems for me also. Bummer.

          1- I'm getting the "double letter" initial input.

          2- Player 2 gets a starting score equal to player 1's first ball in hotseat mode.

          3- And worst of all, FX2 has crashed on me twice now while playing Mars! Both times I was on the 3rd ball and both times Steam was in "online" mode.

          Please address these issues asap.


          • I confirm the bug, too. Barbie, please ask your team to fix the hot seat bug as soon as possible. We usually play hot seat at the weekends. Player 1 starts the game and no matter how high or low he scores his score is automatically added to player 2's initial score. He starts right away with player 1's score after ball 1.


            • Thanks for the reports, everyone!


              • Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
                Thanks for the reports, everyone!
                You are very welcome, I hope we can expect a hotseat fix soon. I love playing this with my dad (he is terminally ill). We discovered it just last week and its the first time I've got him to game with me since he moved in and we both love the game. He really doesn't like taking turns on 1 player so wants to wait for your fix now.

                On a side note. I am new to the system as I mentioned above but when I went in the options yesterday (same time we noticed the 2 player issue) I cannot seem to find the default camera options anymore. I know I saw them the first time I ran the game but I am either just not remembering where to look or they were removed in this recent update. Considering the problems the update caused, I thought I would mention it in case it is actually an issue.



                • Typo, the camera settings are automatically saved per table. If you play with cam 5, quit the game and launch the table again you will automatically play with cam 5 again.


                  • Originally posted by LeanderL
                    Typo, the camera settings are automatically saved per table. If you play with cam 5, quit the game and launch the table again you will automatically play with cam 5 again.
                    I know but I just thought there was a camera settings menu is all. Thanks for the reply,


                    • Moreover, playing in hot seat second player starts with first player's score, third player starts with second player's score and fourth player start with ... third player's score. So - usually fourth player before starting have got more then 10.000.000 pts.


                      • Any updates on the broken local hotseat??

                        I have to say, I am honestly surprised and disappointed that the recent game breaking update has not been undone or fixed.

                        I discovered this game after the summer sale and my dads interest in it inspired me to purchase 3 table packs at full price and I never pay full price for games but it was that cool to find something we both love and can do together and now we can't even play 2 player.

                        For a company to release a patch that so thoroughly breaks local multiplayer on a game which is designed to be played with friends and then not immediately address the issue within a couple days at most is absolutely terrible. Your only job is games, you release an update and you clearly didn't test it first and if you did, well lets be honest, you did a very poor job of it and when this update broke the game, your only move was to thank us for letting you know without any move to ensure us that this is being taken as seriously as it should be or a possible ETA to when we can enjoy the game as it was designed to be enjoyed.

                        As a coder, if I were to treat anything I released or patched with this lack of attention, I would be out of work.

                        You broke a working system and while I don't know what you "fixed" when doing so, the fact remains that every bit of your attention should be put towards undoing the patch so you have time to test it properly before releasing it, or to get a second patch out immediately to resolve the major game breaking bug you introduced into what was a working system and you should absolutely keep your paying customers who's game you broke in the loop.

                        I apologize if I sound rude, its just with my dads health as it is, I don't know if I have a month or a year or more left with him and it was so cool last week when we found something so fun to do together and now with the 2 player broken he doesn't really want to play anymore. I do get him to play 1 player but waiting so long for turns is hard for him because the liver failure causes high ammonia levels which affect his thinking and seems to have especially impacted his patience.

                        Please fix this soon.


                        • I am going to play with a friend later today...and we can't play...all we can do is that player 1 drains the ball without scoring and player 2 does the same. And the game starts at ball 2.


                          • We're on a schedule of patching the game every other week, so the next one should hit on or before August 9th.


                            • Barbie
                              Is it possible to allow us to revert back to the previous working version? Today?


                              • Originally posted by Imagamejunky
                                Is it possible to allow us to revert back to the previous working version? Today?
                                I don't think so, I think once you install the update, that's it. I'll let you know if the patch goes live before the 9th, I know waiting is no fun