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Can't use purchased tables from Windows 8 version?

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  • Can't use purchased tables from Windows 8 version?

    A few months ago, Zen Studios said we'd be able to use purchased Windows 8 tables in the Steam version. If this is true, how do we do it, please? If not, I'm afraid the Steam version is pointless. I won't buy the same tables yet again. You have too much of my money already. Thank-you.

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    Zen never mentioned that there would be a cross buy feature implemented for Windows 8 App Store PFX2 and Steams PFX2.

    Cross Buy is only available via PS3 to PSVita and vice-versa etc.

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      Actually, I remember Solitude specifically warning that content would not transfer. They are limited to whatever features the platform they are on offers for that kind of stuff.

      They have said repeatedly that they will support any cross-buy stuff that is available to them, like they do on PS3/Vita (i.e. if Windows 8 and Xbox ever implement something like that).


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        Thank-you Roo. You're correct. I'd mis-remembered an old post. Much as I prefer keeping my games in Steam, this time I'll have to make an exception. I don't have $50 to waste on yet another copy of these tables. Thankfully, I can use Stardock's ModernMix to add Metro games to Steam's launcher.