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Oculus Rift - virtual reality - link suggests working?

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  • Oculus Rift - virtual reality - link suggests working?


    I love the idea of virtual reality. Check this link - the 3rd post suggests that Zen Pinball works with oculus rift.

    I am waiting for the consumer version of the Rift to come out.

    Anyone with a dev kit - does it work? Any impressions?

    Looking at the screenshot there seems to be stereoscopic 3d also in the image - does it look 3d?

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    Well am searching a person too who can help me out with this


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      No idea if this will work with our games. Not sure if we even have one in the studio to test it out.


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        Zen should DEFINITELY pick up an Oculus Rift devkit... they're only a couple hundred $, and you've got some time left until the consumer version launches (loosely 1 year-ish, as I last recall), but this device is going to absolutely rock the gaming world! I'm saving up for one already - 100% guaranteed day 1 purchase, and I don't do that often. All the major studios are onto it bigtime - including iD, Epic, and Valve to name a few. I think it's going to be absolutely amazing with simulations in particular, like racing games (iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor, etc) and flight sims. But PinballFX is sorta-kinda pinball simlike, and I think the Rift is going to shine there too. I loved 3d support when it came Zen Pinball 2 on the PS3, and I only stopped using it because my PC kills the PS3 in every way, yet Pinball FX2 for Steam doesn't natively support 3d for AMD cards - yet. Well, forget that, cause full on VR with head tracking in the Rift is going to destroy any display/head-tracking/3d technologies that have come to the PC before... if only because there is 1 defined FOV and consistent software/hardware implementation for everybody who owns one. I definitely want to be playing Pinball FX 2 through my Rift a year from now!