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New DLC + Free table!

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    Originally posted by ZenPinballFan View Post
    Yes, the ball is kinda weird on this table (the same thing is on El Dorado and Shaman), but I still love Paranormal and all the other tables Captain America and PVZ next, please!!!!!
    I actually think the ball novement is better on the Para table. Other table lacks bounce.

    I still wish we could have a real chrome ball in tables as I need to limit my play time to a max of 10 mins due to the brightness of the ball.


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      I absolutely love this table! Thank you so much! I find Creepy Crawlers and especially Behind the Wall difficult, I always get stuck halfway down the gears on that! But it's the only table I've really explored, worked through the table guide, and essentially put more effort into, and unlocked more. Strange, considering it's the one table I didn't pay for, and I have 26 others already.

      I badly want the Plants Vs Zombies and the Ms. Splosion Man tables, but I just wanted to thank you for this table. I always play at View Angle 1, and this table really suits that.

      I'm hopeful that you can create a 3 angled view and so we can create our own Pinball FX tables. I'll send pics!