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    first of all I'm sorry for my English.

    Few days ago I downloaded Pinball FX2. All works great except the sound. I can hear the sound through my 5.1 speakers but not through my wireless headphones. I can't use speakers for majority of the time so I have to play without the sound. I've checked if my headphones are set as a default sound device. When they are then there is no sound on Pinball FX2. When speakers are set as a default sound device, then the sound (from the speakers) works. In all the other Metro and desktop applications in Windows 8 the sound works great, regardless if it comes from headphones or speakers. I've also checked whether my sound drivers are up to date and downloaded the latest Windows updates and it has not solved the problem.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    My specifications:
    Computer type: CQ2910EF
    Manufacturer: HP Compaq
    Operation system: Windows 8 64bit
    RAM: 4 GB

    Headphones: 2.4G Wireless Headset
    Type: GXT 16 Wireless Gaming Headset
    Manufacturer: Trust International B.V.
    Driver: USBAUDIO.sys, version: 6.2.9200.16384

    Speakers: Realtek High Definition Audio
    5.1 Home Theater Surround System
    Manufacturer: Genius
    Driver: RTKVHD64.sys, version:
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