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everybody list your dream table ideas!

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    Originally posted by Rafie
    How many years have you been asking for this table now? Hehehehe Keep that hope alive!!
    lol, I know. Probably just a pipe dream, but you never know. The City Is My Church


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      I've seen people interested in sci fi/ space stuff. How about an all out aliens tables? I think I've seen someone mention an Area 51 type table here too. I could also see Zen easily brilliantly executing an alien table with a comedic flair a la Attack From Mars style. The City Is My Church


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        You guys did the Street Fighter table. How about another Capcom property?........... Megaman. The game has iconic BGM, lots of characters, strategy, high recognition....


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          A Megaman would be the bomb!!!
 The City Is My Church


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            I would like to see a Las Vegas Casino table please Zen Studio. Happy Holidays!!
   The City Is My Church


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              I have come up with an original idea that noone has ever mentioned: A Burning Man Festival table!! SO many possibilities with this one. Psychadelic possibilites,mmmmm. Come on people, show your support for a Burning Man table!!
     The City Is My Church


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                As a Disney recommendation, Maleficent would be my pick. Dark, sexy, vampy.

                For Hanna-Barbera Whacky Races or the Dastardly & Muttley Flying Machines spin-off would be fun.

                For Star Wars, the missing table is based on Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR, not TOR) but that has an extra layer of EA/Bioware licensing. But battling Malak, engaging the Ebon Hawk, fixing HK-47, would be so amazing.

                I don't know a lot of Marvel but given the success of the TV series Daredevil is worth consideration.

                I know a lot of people have wanted a Futurama pinball for forever so I won't mention it oops too late.

                For me an obvious TV franchise would be Breaking Bad. That would be too funny for words.


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                  Originally posted by Achim-T
                  or a ZOMBIE table were nice to see
                  I would give an eyeball and a thumb to see a HD remake of Pinball of the Dead. I played that game for more hours than I care to think about, basically until my GBA packed-in.

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