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  • Lower End Tablet Support Optimization

    The Windows 8 version runs really smooth on my Acer Iconia W3. It also runs great on my Surface RT. The problem I have is when I run the Steam version it seems kind of sluggish at times. I mainly notice it when trying to use the flippers.

    I was curious if I could do anything to make it run better on my Iconia, or if it is more geared towards full PCs only. (It runs perfect on my desktop.)


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    +1 for this.

    Windows 8 Store version works great on my old cranky laptop, but the steam version is unplayable even at the lowest settings. It seems the "low quality" mode is missing from the Steam version that removes transparencies (on the Mars demo table, the sides will be solid instead of transparent).

    With more Windows 8 x86 atom tablets hitting the market lately (Acer W3 & W4, Dell Venue 8 pro, Toshiba Encore, HP Omni 10, Asus T100) it would be nice to have the low quality mode included for the Steam version too.