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Dr Strange bas been release today !

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  • Dr Strange bas been release today !

    Post your impressions here !

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    First impression of Dr Strange

    LOVING it so far. Catch and aim is nice and easy at the bottom. Colors and graphics are stunning. Only played twice, four k on the first, three point something million on the second, starting to figure a couple of things out. I won't read the rule sheet until I've played at least ten times.

    I also love that the rule sheets leave a LOT of stuff out, and act as just a hint-bank. The screenshots IN the rule sheets need a lot of work, though.


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      The Dr. Strange table is great. All the balls drain down the side within a minute or two so it doesn't take a lot of time out of my day.
      Out of curiosity, we kept track of fifty games; 147 balls went down the bottom side drain-o-matics(we had a couple extra balls but we didn't count them). All fifty games ended with a ball going down the side bottom drains. A fair number drained without a flipper play.
      Of course you don't want a game that's too easy, when you actually live long enough to play the table, it's pretty fun.
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        Dr. Strange is absolutely incredible, he is Sorcerer Supreme

        All 6 new Star Wars tables are great, but Dr. Strange has proved worth the wait. I could go on for hours about how extremely marvelous the flow is on this table. Once again Zen a Brilliant table. The lighting and colors are perfect. as long as you get the kickbacks you should have no problems with out lane drains. This table seems to have great replay value. Bravo Ivan "Mad Boy" Nicoara a Great Evil does Stir.