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    Steam sales are here and I want to pick up some tables, the problem is that FX2 runs on mono sound for some reason, the menu seems fine but all the tables sound really bad. Shouldn't really be anything wrong with the Computers since everything else runs fine, any ideas what causes this. There arent even any real sound settings available?

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    Music sounds a lot better on xbox 360 in stereo, i just checked it. Please Zen, if you can, let us have it on steam too!


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      I have to agree.
      I own all the tables on my 360 but picked up the 2 star wars packs on steam yesterday and the sound was the first thing I noticed that felt off. I plan on playing around with settings today but that's disappointing if it does not help.


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        So after spending a good 2hrs on various tables. The sound options suck on for pbfx2 on steam. Seriously what's going on with the sound. There is no stereo or surround output. Now maybe my receiver is re distributing the sound to all channels for my 360 (I'll have to verify when I have time). But thus is clearly an issue with pbfx2 as every other game steam or other has perfect surround sound.

        Anyone have more info on why steam is not outputting sound in stereo for pbfx2


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          As far as I can tell, it's been a known bug since the PC version was released but has yet to be fixed. I'm certainly still patiently waiting.


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            I doubt it it's just a bug. On Xbox live Epic Quest is 74 MB, on Steam it's 47 MB; Classic pack is 120 MB on live and 103 MB on Steam and so on.
            It's really strange if Zen have gimped the Steam version on purpose.


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              If it weren't a bug, I hope Zen would have told us by now. But it doesn't really make sense to put in the effort to support higher resolutions and portrait orientation on PC and then intentionally make sound worse.


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                I was right ! Sounds are not very important for zen studio...

                My old post in "Pinball FX 2 - bugs/issues and recommendations" topic:

                06-05-2013, 03:03 PM
                Quote Originally Posted by Fpala View Post

                Do you plan to update and correct the sounds in game (dolby SR or 5.1) ?

                I don't play anymore with this steam version: All the sounds in game are in my center speaker (except the sounds of the interface)
                In the ps3 version and xbox360, the sounds are well distributed, musical themes for each table are in the others speakers, this is so much better...

                I will not buy on steam any tables until the problem is resolved...

                Do you know that there are people who have home cinema in 2013, i am not the only one on steam, i hope...

                Thanks very much to awser me finally, third posts and no response from: Corrects sounds in game are not very important for you, that it is sad...

                Barbiebobomb :
                I've not heard any other reports of this but I'll make sure the team is aware.

                Now, 6 month later: NOTHING HAVE CHANGED ! thanks Zen studio !

                Ok guys ? It's clears now...


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                  Its not supprising that after 6 months the bug has not been fixed.
                  What's supprising is that she said there not aware of it. And as it looks do not consider this a bug.

                  Look at the 360 and how long it took them to fix the bug on Fantastic 4. At least I think I remember them fixing it but it was a year later.

                  I would not hold 2 much weight on the sizes until someone is able to look at them. The sizes are not that far off from each other and could just be a difference in file formating or compression.