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What happens if your pc shuts off in the middle of a game?

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  • What happens if your pc shuts off in the middle of a game?

    Hi everyone,

    I got pbfx2 for steam and have been racking up some top ten scores on the leader board on a few tables.

    I was asking people how they dealt with ball 1 - if they would retart over and over until they get a desired score etc and most people do.

    Someone chimed in and said that some people cheat by using the save file.

    The only thing that occured to me was this:

    let's say you have a great ball 1 and you get a billion points and a few extra balls.

    If you exit to main menu and save the game and then go back to the table and start playing again and you have a crappy 2nd ball, what happens if you shut off your pc?

    When you fire it back up again and go to that game - where will the save point be?

    Please tell me it is not back to where it was first saved - because that is broken if that is the case and the leaderboards mean nothing.

    Please tell me it somehow saves the game at the point where you shut it off...

    I will never play on steam again if you can cheat like this.

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    Still no replies yet I see.

    Last night I got 4.2 billion in Darth Vader on my 1st ball and then I saved it.

    It is the #3 score on steam right now and I still have 2 balls left

    I think I used about 5 extra balls already. Took about 3.5hrs of gameplay.

    It should also be noted I have completed zero missions. Missions in vader are terrible and risky. I usually just hold the ball and let the timer drain. This game really rewards long game play with increasing jackpots etc.

    Still very curious what happens if you just shut off your pc in the middle of a game.


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      I don't know for sure but I would guess that it deletes a saved game when loading it to prevent cheating. If you shut off your pc, you probably just lose that game. I know I've lost games to the program crashing once or twice (wasn't using a save though).


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        Yeah the save game is completely gone if you shut it off. I am glad to hear that. Of course I will be pissed if the game crashes or something in the middle of a good game


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          Is there no official response ZEN?

          I have been gone light when wearing 600M in Tesla and 2 balls to keep adding.

          Last week I did 256M after several days of play.

          Now he is wearing all week and only playing with this score and would move from 7th to 4th with chances of reaching the 3rd or 2nd.

          My previous saved is yesterday, with about 450M.

          This can not be real.

          The game has to autosave every 5, 10, 15 minutes, do not talk to reload an earlier saved, we speak of a autosave.

          I do not want to start another starting from 0 in Tesla.

          To achieve the second achievement did the previous game and did not get it, I did this and I have it, besides going my way to triple score.

          They are games that take me a week to 1 or 2 hours a day.

          This can not happen.


          ¿No hay respuesta oficial de ZEN?

          Se me ha ido la luz cuando llevaba 600M en Tesla y 2 bolas para seguir sumando.

          La semana pasada hice 256M tras varios días de juego.

          Ahora llevaba toda la semana jugando y solo con esta puntuación ya pasaría del 7ª al 4ª con posibilidades de alcanzar el 3º o 2º.

          Mi anterior guardado es de ayer, con 450M aproximadamente.

          Esto no puede ser real.

          El juego tiene que hacer autoguardados cada 5, 10, 15 minutos, no hablamos de volver a cargar un salvado anterior, hablamos de un autoguardado.

          No quiero volver a empezar otra partida desde 0 en Tesla.

          Para conseguir el segundo logro hice la partida anterior y no lo conseguí, hice esta y ya lo tengo, además de ir camino de triplicar mi puntuación.

          Son partidas que me llevan una semana a 1 o 2 horas diarias.

          Esto no puede pasar.


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            I have had response Zen.

            With this game you can not do anything.

            They will study to find solutions.

            I started another game.

            After two days playing, play time of approximately 3.5 hours, still with the first ball, I've taken the 5 extra balls and go for 205M.

            I have put a UPS.


            He tenido respuesta de Zen.

            Con esta partida no se puede hacer nada.

            Lo estudiarán para buscar soluciones.

            He comenzado otra partida.

            Tras dos días jugando, tiempo de juego aproximado 3,5 horas, sigo con la primera bola, he sacado las 5 bolas extras y voy por 205M.

            Tengo puesto un SAI.


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              Well, after eight hours of play I have already surpassed 600M that was when the power went out.

              I just lost the second ball, I have 6 balls to keep adding to the 616m that I have now.

              Let's see if we are lucky and get to spend the 1000M.


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                Already 10 hours and 30 minutes 920M in the bag, I lost another ball to the 850M, the third I lose, so now I only have 5 balls, 5 extras I got with the first ball.


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                    Originally posted by PinballVirtual-Victor View Post
                    EXCELLENT!! Congrats, Victor!


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                      Thank you very much.

                      It has cost me a lot.

                      First with the achievement that did not leave me and then by the blackout .