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My custom Pinball FX mini-cab

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  • My custom Pinball FX mini-cab

    For those interested, here are some pix of the custom pinball cab I built for (mostly) Pinball FX on PC. I basically sketched out a design on paper, then cut the wood, bought all the arcade and PC components, painted, built the PC inside, etc. Buttons pretty much cover everything you can do in PFX with a normal controller, including flippers, tilt (L/R/F), launch, etc. The screen is a 24" monitor covered with a nonglare acrylic plastic, buttons are all lighted, wired in via the IPAC2 controller. Overall I am pretty pleased with the end result - small enough to port around, but a good size for emulating a pinball feel without taking up a ton of space.

    Full set of pix and info are here:
    - some attached below as well


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    Wow, that's cool!


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      How do you play, on your hands and knees?
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        I like the carry handle


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          Originally posted by Casio View Post
          How do you play, on your hands and knees?
          heheh. It's designed for sitting on a table, for a near perfect standing-height, similar to a real PB table. I also have removable legs so it can stand on its own at the same height, but i still need to rig up a type of X bar for that to make it more stable on those.

          Full deets are on the OneDrive link in the OP for build notes and tons more pix.


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            This is insanely rad! Thank you for sharing!


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              Thanks all

              I had a great time building it... now it's been time to show the end result, it was a big hit when I brought it into work a few days ago, hehe.


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                and no frustrations about the inability to move the DMD to another monitor!


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                  Very nice. Thanks for sharing your photo album too. Very informative.