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    So after almost 3 years it finally happened.

    I now have a lockdown bar.... as well as a new 1 player - 2 stick control panel (instead of the monster 2 player - 3 stick 1000 button panel).

    The 2nd stick is still great for MAME 2 stick games, but is awesome for pinball games like The Getaway! But there's a twist!

    Presenting the world's first control panel blower fan vent. This works so much better for me than having it come out through the coin return or on top of the cab!

    Is all of this goofy and different than everyone else's cab? Yup...what else would you expect from me?

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      Hey TerryRed! Congratulations, great job! Wow!


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        I present... the world premiere of BEZ BALL!

        For my 20th Anniversary, I decided to do make a funny pinball game for my wife... about her! This game has many modes, and a main overall objective. To defeat THE BEZ! (my wife ). She actually plays and completes the entire game!

        Definitely worth watching through the entire video guys. You've never seen a table quite like this before. It has a funny and cute build up to the final battle! You'll be amused...


        - funny and cute Pinup Player videos from our 20 years together
        - amazing voice acting from...myself! I did the voices of The BEZ, my kids, my dogs, and my mother-in law!
        - full DOF feedback, lighting, and MX leds
        - many modes including: Bez Ball, Ba Ba Ball, Zack Attack, Emily's Magic Trick, and Bez Battle!
        - completely new table built from scratch (table, coding, sounds, music, videos, graphics) in less than 2 weeks. My first complete pinball table creation.


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          Here's a video demo of my new Masters of the Universe (VPX) PuP-Pack. I went beyond my original Mastered mod for the FP table! This PuP-Pack features an Underlay layer for the sky that will change video effects for each MB mode as well strike lightning when you hit your flippers. The castle's eyes will change colour for each MB mode and other events. The center videos play action from events throughout the entire game. All of this is covered by an Overlay layer of Castle Grayskull. This all makes for a stellar combination!

          The original (stunning) Castle Grayskull image was made by Ankit Bhatnagar.

          The modified image was edited by Tarcisio Caleiro.

          The Visual Pinball X conversion (of Rom's excellent Future Pinball original table) was converted by randr.

          Pinup Player (the software that plays the active video backglass) was created by Nailbuster.

          PuP-Pack was created by: TerryRed.


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            A new "full gameplay" video of me playing randr's VPX conversion of Masters of the Universe in my cabinet running my new PuP-Pack with the "Text on Topper" option, as well as my DOF and addressable led effects for the table. I recorded this using a dollar store "bendy" cell phone clip and my cell phone. Works pretty good!



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              OK…now THIS is a single screen Desktop Theme!

              Going back to old ideas from my first Theme I made for Pinup Popper back before it was released… this works really nicely for a Desktop Theme, and looks really nice in 4K.

              This uses the PuP Backglass for the Underlay videos, the PuP Playfield for gameplay videos, and the PuP DMD for whatever you want like marquee / banners..or DMD videos.

              It also works nicely with the transparent loading videos as well, and also uses my new Text Zones update.

              Works great for Desktop view of Pinball Emulators, Arcade Games, and other Emulators.

              ….and yes I love Neon…. though I need to get Tarcisio to help out with creating an alternate version that uses matching metal / chrome instead of the neon framing.

              This Desktop Theme will be released when the new Pinup Popper 1.4 update is released.

              The video below shows off all the Playlists, and shows how everything looks when browsing… and also flyers, and loading into a table with the transparent 24 bit ARC videos.

              This is bling for a desktop gaming thing!


              For those who are allergic to watching an entire video... here are some pictures...


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                Not content with just the previous T-ARC for is the new Desktop / Arcade Theme I made for the upcoming release of Pinup Popper 1.4...only this time featuring the original Tarcisio Popper Bar.

                It features Underlay videos for each Playlist, Playfield videos for gameplay, and DMD videos at the bottom for Marquee / Banner videos.

                Each Playlist can have their own Videos and BAR image for everything. Each game can also have their own videos for everything. It also features my new Text Zones update, which makes use of Popper SQL database for lots of options on what text is displayed for each game!

                Looks and performs really nicely in 4K!

                I have now probably made every type of theme in every configuration possible... ARC on PF, Bar on PF (in landscape, portrait, HD and 4K)....ARC on BG, Bar on BG... now ARC and Bar in a Desktop Theme.

                I may be wrong...but I think Popper is the only front-end that has ever had this kind of flexibility to create any theme / layout you want with BAR / ARC, etc.

                The video below shows off all the Playlists, and shows how everything looks when browsing… and also flyers, and loading into a table (the new stunning TAF) with the transparent arc videos.

                ..and this is a 4K video it looks really nice!


                ....and for those to silly to watch a are pics.


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                  WHOA!!!! This is incredible! I've seen some great work from others, but this is by far one of the best I've seen. I believe that you can monetize off your skills. I know folks would buy your cabinets. Beautiful work indeed!
                  PSN ID- RayCrocheron82
                  Gamertag- RAFIE82
                  YouTube- Rafie Crocheron
                  Nintendo ID- Rafie82

                  Tables Wishlist- Hanna-Barbera 4 pack, Holiday table, DC tables, or any Zen table...even if it's My Little Pony


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                    Retroflair (original table on normal Future Pinball) vs my updated Retroflair (BAM Edition) mod.

                    This is a video of my first attempt at taking an older Future Pinball table (made by the talented rom), and updating it to modern BAM features.

                    You can see the drastic difference in not only how much better it plays (and I don't really know much about physics)...but also how stunning it can look with the following changes:

                    BAM dynamic physics
                    new controlled g.i. lighting using hardware nano flashers
                    BAM RGB flashers (that look so cool!)
                    BAM shadow maps
                    BAM ball texture
                    BAM ball and flipper shadows
                    BAM global lighting and post processing
                    BAM controlled brightness of light inserts
                    This looks and plays so much better....and looks so cool in BAM Open VR!

                    I already have DOFLinx support on the table, but I may update it to use the new iCOM BAM plug-in (thanks Nailbuster and Ravarcade!), that allows FP to use DOF directly without needing DOFLinx.

                    Link to 4K 60fps Youtube demo video: