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  • Flipper volume

    One thing I would like to request for PFX2 is the option for adjusting only the flipper volume. I must admit that after a while I find it a touch repetitive, so I resort to turning the volume down for all the mechanical sounds.

    Just a question of preference really. The more options the better!

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    You can actually already do this in PFX1.

    Go to:

    -Help and options
    -Physics Volume


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      Phiveball, thanks I know. That's what I meant when I said I have to turn down the volume of all the 'mechanical sounds', I just couldn't remember what the menu option was called.

      The trouble with that is that it turns down the volume for all the physics sounds.

      I like hearing the mechanics of the thing, don't get me wrong. But the constant flipper noise gets a bit much, possibly because I don't think the sound itself is entirely representative of how real pinball flippers sound.

      I used to own an Addams Family table and a Whitewater table and I know they didn't annoy me at all!

      While we are on the subject of sound... oh might be better in a new thread.


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        Hi kimkom!
        Thanks, this is a very good idea, i share it with the dev team!


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          Originally posted by dgabor View Post
          Hi kimkom!
          Thanks, this is a very good idea, i share it with the dev team!
          Thanks dgabor, I hope that it may appear as a feature at some point in the future.

          Regarding my other thread 'Ambient Lighting', I realise this may be trickier to implement but I believe it would make a unique and great addition to an already excellent pinball title.

          Would a lighting adjustment slider be possible?