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Add a small DMD on a small pincab (22")

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  • Add a small DMD on a small pincab (22")

    i made a small pincab portable with a 22" display and a laptop MOBO. It's dedicated to PBFX2. And now, i'm thinking to add a 2nd screen to display (only) the DMD. A preference to HDMI.

    I'm diging the web to find a correct screen (with low budget, max 50$), in the same proportion of the PBFX2 DMD, between 140mmx37mm and 21mmx53mm. Difficult... ratio 4/1.

    I find this one, but it's not truly to play pinball... Just to display rotating text... :

    Dimentions are perfects for me. BUT the problem: how to connect this thing on PC and PBFX² ?!
    Do you think i can connect this display (usb?) to make a 2nd screen ?! it use a sofware to only display text and image (Easy-operate Multi-Language Software).
    Or a way to hack the software (may be with image process in the software)?
    Or by recycling DMD and connect to PC with electronical stuff ?!

    Otherwise, by losting screen ratio :
    In a 2nd possibility, i was thinking to use a 7" or 8" tablet. But no one accept HDMI in. So the solution would be to use an application (like iDisplay) to connect tablet to PC with Wifi. I didn't test it, but i'm afraid to have a delay. Also, i don"t want to connect to internet all the time. I have wifi in PC, but something i bring it outhere, without internet connection.
    Tablet can be a good solution: when i don't play, i can take and use tablet. And with tactic screen, i can control PC/Windows, when game return to desktop, for ex.

    In a 3rd possibility, buy a raspberry screen 7" or 8" LCD, with HDMI (and usb to powered). Normaly, it is detected like a second screen in Windows.

    In a 4th possibility, recycle an old laptop screen and add a HDMI DVI Controller Board LVDS

    I don't want a display too big, that why i don't looking for old LDC screen in 15" or 17".

    Any ideas ?Help!
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    To use this display you would have to test if it works with "dmdext".

    "Dmdext" works with PINDMD but I do not think it is proven in the one you comment on, so you would have to experiment.

    Another option, less realistic, but much more economical and simple, is to use a second traditional monitor, where you could display the full backbox (back panel and speaker panel with dmd).

    You can use any second hand monitor, in 15 "or 17" 4: 3 format.


    Para usar ese display tendrías que probar si funciona con "dmdext".

    "dmdext" funciona con PINDMD pero no creo que esté probado en el que tu comentas, por lo que tendrías que experimentar.

    Otra opción, menos realista, pero mucho más económica y sencilla, es usar un segundo monitor tradicional, en el que podrías mostrar el backbox completo (backglass y speaker panel con dmd).

    Puedes usar cualquier monitor de segunda mano, en formato 4:3 de 15" o 17".


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      Thanks Victor,
      sure, with a 15" or 17", it's the cheapest and easier solution. I must to try that.
      And apparently, a small dmd is impossible actually (or too exensive), so...


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        I contacted the manufacturer of the DMD that has it.

        It costs more shipping than the DMD.

        If we were sure that it will work, there is no problem, but the point is that they are not sure whether it works in Visual Pinball or Pinball FX2.

        YL-966R (red) $ 24 or YL-961-64R (red) $ 18
        Shipping to Spain 42$

        I have also contacted a manufacturer of Widescreen Monitors with very similar measures, which could be worth as DMD and that work in safety as they are recognized as a monitor with VGA connection.

        But you have to buy 20 units at $ 108 plus shipping.

        I put a picture of how I have put the third monitor, being visible the top and hidden under the piece of furniture below.



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          I'm testing a nice solution to combinate Playfield and DMD on the same screen actually (more cheaper ^^). (but i have a problem of playfield resolution, who can't be customised...)

          The dmd size is perfect (height :160px) and stick on top border. Playfield is above, with custom res 1050x1502, in windowed mod.

          The discussion :


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            Up, finally, i found a solution using an external program, but i don't know if it's correct with Zen Studio and Steam.

            I use Autohotkey (AHK), so i can resize the game window (1680x1050 to 1500x1050) and move game windows to the bottom (Z:200px). Also, AHK remove windows border. That's all.

            So, before i'm using it definitivly, no risk to be ban by Steam or Zen ?! (on steam forums, it seems to be ok)

            Edit : Zen is ok with this
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              I saw this same unit (or a clone / similar) posted on RaspBerry Pi forum somewhere asking a similar question (although not pinball related). Someone who owned one said that the USB is only used to program the text that it displays, and it cannot be used as either an external monitor or with the available software for pin2dmd and similar since it is not seen as a dmd when plugged into a computer.


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                Thanks for this info, The Train

                About 1st post, i've tested Idisplay between Tablet and PC. It's working, but display delay is too important (1-2s).

                So finally, i'm very pleased with DMD sticked on top screen. I've found a correct resolution with 780x170px. And my pincab is always transportable.

                May be one day, i might put DMD over playfield. And playfield in full screen. But i've no idea how.