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Pinball FX2 Steam not launching on Win10 Pro x64 Pc

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  • Pinball FX2 Steam not launching on Win10 Pro x64 Pc

    Hello...I have been attempting to get Pinball FX2 to launch for the past week without any luck. I reinstalled Steam, PFx2 app, updated video and audio drivers. I then noticed a "Ghost" controller on the detected controllers tab in Steams UI. It shows 2 Retrak BT
    Game Controllers when there should only be one. I try to remove one and both are removed. I rebooted and reinstalled the controller and shows up as it should in device manager, only once with no errors. This maybe a steam support issue but any ideas are appreciated. Also what resolutions are supported for PFx2? Is there a startup command line that sets the resolution? Also are there any log files to look for? Event viewer shows no errors .
    Thanks for any ideas or solutions. Bob

    HP Pavilion HPE Desktop Pc Model# H81230
    Amd fx6120 6core processor @ 3.5mhz
    10gb DDR3 RAM, 2TB WD Hdrive
    Nvidia Geforce GT 620 Video
    Beats Audio onboard sound

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    Hi Bob,

    I wrote you back, thank you for sending an email as well to [email protected]!