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    Mainly the "defeat the guards" mini-pinball and "keep the ball moving" magnet thing, they are often over before I can do anything. Any tips? I've almost gotten half of the guards but the ball is so erratic and surprising especially when it goes off your sight and then reappears suddenly. And with the magnet thing, I have no idea how to keep the ball from the hole.

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    I have completed both in slow motion, but never at full speed. I have got all but one of the guards down in normal play, after probably over a hundred attempts. The magnet thing is almost impossible as far as I'm concerned at normal speed! I'd strongly recommend turning on slow motion though, just to get the hang of what to do.

    Basically, as the ball passes a magnet, (say the right one, moving clockwise), activate the left magnet. As the ball reaches the left magnet, deactivate it, and as the ball passes it, activate the right one, and so on. The idea here is to use the pulling force of the magnets to keep the ball running around the outside as fast as possible, and therefore keeping it from the hole in the middle by centrifugal force. It's easy as anything in slow motion, and hard as hell at normal speed.

    As for the guards, I have never done it in normal play as I say, I've got further than you it seems though, so here are my tips:

    • Be ready for the ball right at the start. It always comes from the right, a second or two after the voice says "Defeat the Guards!".

    • Don't hold the flippers in the up position. Jab them so they go straight back down. The reason for this is that the central pin can save your ball from draining, but only if the flippers are down. If you have a flipper held up too long, the ball can hit the pin and bounce straight onto the underside of the flipper and still drain.

    • Have fast reactions, and keep the ball moving. If it disappears out of the left side of the table, it will return from the left. Same for the right.

    • When you are down to say 30-40% of the guards, switch to "catching" the ball in a raised flipper, and getting one or two at a time, on the same side as the flipper, i.e aiming and keeping control.

    It's hard, but I've got down to just a guard or two on many occasions by doing this. One day I'll get them all!
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      I've done the magnets successfully a few times - it's just hard. I've accepted that I won't finish it every time and leave it at that.

      With the guards, while I have yet to clear them all (gotten it down to one left twice, argh!) I've finished many times. With that it's mainly a matter of doing your best to control the ball and make it hit at least 1 guard every time, and allowing the ball to hit the middle piece when it's up, being ready to flip when it bounces off.

      I've never activated slow motion (the only option I've used was to turn off the in-game videos which were really distracting) but I'd definitely use it as Ozzpot says if you're getting frustrated and think that a minigame is impossible. None of them are, though some are pretty tough. My big bugaboo is the crane in SotD. I've made some very nice scores in that game but can't do the sample collecting to save my life.


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        When I first started playing this table, the magnet mini game drove me absolutely BONKERS. I must have failed it about 30 times before I finally figured it out by accident! I'll share my tips for continuously beating both of those mini-games, but of course it's up to you to accomplish them

        For the guards mini-game, my strategy (other than don't lose my ball) is to actually aim at the inner area of the lower line of guards. Doing so successfully, causes the ball to travel upwards after tagging the first guard and often times can take out many guards in one swing. I personally do not trap or attempt to trap the ball on either flipper until I have the top two guards blocking the exit clear, as attempting to do so basically drains the ball, pin up or not. From a skill perspective, I suggest not trying to aim the shot directly at the front of the guard unless you are sure the angle will redirect you squarely to the other flipper. Practice makes perfect too. When I started this mini game my success rate was under 10%, and now my success rate is about 55%.

        Ok for the magnet game, my strategy is simple. When the screen says "ball arriving", WAIT!!! The first side that will come up on the DMD says "RIGHT". DO NOT press the RIGHT flipper. Based on the timing, wait until the "LEFT" appears and then TAP (do NOT HOLD) left flipper then TAP right, then left, etc. You'll definitely need to get the timing down and too quick or too late on one or the other and you'll lose it. However I've lost it a few times and was able to regain it by HOLDING the flipper you're late at. Once you get it a few times, it will come more naturally. It then only becomes hard when you're trying to trigger your 4th story mode completion at around 500million and you're getting nervous

        Here's to hoping this helps anyone. Good luck!


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          Thanks for all the tips. I had forgotten the slow motion.