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Spiderman table breaking glitch.

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  • Spiderman table breaking glitch.

    I have encountered two glitches at the same time on the Spiderman table.

    The first, isn't really a table breaker. While on Goblin stage 4, with the multiple pumpkin balls, I landed a pumpkin in the apartment, while the regular ball was draining. Instead of exploding like normal, the pumpkin ball in the apartment replaced the captive ball. I made the apartment jump again, and was suddenly playing with a permanent pumpkin ball. (Which is kinda cool.)

    Soon after, I started Doc Ock Stage 2, and noticed when he went to grab the ball, a silver ball was attached to his upper left claw and would not budge. This prevented him from not only grabbing the ball, but made every middle websling shot impossible until he reset. The ball either ran backwards up the ramp back down to the table, or just kinda hung in the wireframe bouncing off the ball in Ocks claw (happened when he was about halfway down the table.)

    Figured I'd bring this to Zens attention, hope this helps.

    Found a vid on youtube of said Ock glitch, shows him just holding the ball.
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    A small glitch:

    Was playing either the 3rd or 4th round of Doc Ock, hitting the centre ramp repeatedly for 500K each time.

    After a while of doing this, the Doc Ock theme music became really intense; double-time.

    When I finished the stage, the music persisted, and hung around for another five minutes or so, before suddenly stopping half-way during a Mysterio stage.


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      spidey problems

      I had a score over a billion and a ball got stuck in the claw. real bummer. considering it was my first ball with an extra ball ready. I also have had a ball glitch with color changing white red white , three white balls, crazy. So far my high score is 1,492,000,000 but goes higher almost every day. Problem is my per ball average can be from 1,000 points to over a billion. ball lasts for anywhere from 10 seconds to an hour. Look for higher scores soon. feel free to add me. I also love to play head to head and chat. ihearawitch Say no to Drain


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        one more glitch i forgot. The captive ball on upper play field spiderman dissapeared with a very high score. I have only seen it once. Anyone heard of it?


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          Just had this happen to me as well. Both Goblin and Ock battles were active, Ock grabbed my silver and pumpkin balls at the same time I hit the apartment with the 2nd pumpkin ball. Doc Ock grabbed 2 of my balls and held the silver ball indefinitely, but released the pumpkin bomb. So Ock held 1 silver, had another silver in play from the captive ball which the pumpkin bomb replaced, and 1 live pumpkin ball. I timed out on Goblin and my live pumpkin ball vanished leaving 1 silver ball in play and 1 held by Ock with the pumpkin bomb still acting as the captive ball up top. I then hit the apartment and it released the pumpkin ball and I was playing with that for a while.

          Finally drained and the game just froze like I still had a ball in play. I think the game counted the ball Doc Ock was holding as "in play". I waited about 3 mins to see if it would reset itself and pop a new ball in play... It didn't and I was forced to restart my game.

          Luckily I was only at 50 million on ball 1 with 1 extra ball in the bank... Not a billion plus like ihearawitch... It was definitely the start of a good game though and a little upsetting to have to restart

          I've only had this happen to me 1 time so far, so it doesn't seem to be too common.

          I look forward to the first patch for this awesome XBLA title. Thanks for all your hard work Zen and keep it up


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            I joined to report some glitches. There was one where I hit the far right hole that gives you a random upgrade (big score, all villians let loose, etc). The problem though was that I hit it with both pumpkin balls in a row and the game kept playing the hole's jingle non-stop until it was game over, and I reset the game.

            Also, if Doc Ock. is activated while you activate Mysertio's mode, a Mystero model becomes stuck inside Doc. Ock when he goes back to his prone position. Neither of these break the gameplay, but I thought you might want to know about them.


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              I Have Been Having Problems on almost every game. Mostly because it seems to break around 1 billion. My least favorite is the random award hole music. It gets stuck in a short loop of music, it does go away if you hit the hole again. but you will prob go nuts before you do. This week I will be adding to the tables i have not played much. Sad to hear about the biolab glitch, to happen during a tourny sucks. I belted out a 161,000,000 and I was proud.
              Feel free to add me.


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                I'm not an expert by any means, but I did run into some weird situations. Was playing level 2 GG and for some reason the others started in. Then, somehow, the captive ball got loose and I was multiballing with it for a long time. I got 42 million on my first ball (my record is 67 million) but with the captive ball loose, I had serious troubles completing different parts. Getting the left webramp was near impossible. Going to the apartment would not drop the ball up top, but rather drop it on the right side by the flipper.

                I also knocked my ball out of the play field to a spot right below the flippers and drain. After sitting there for about 5 seconds, it disappeared and then launched a new one.


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                  I had a glitch quite early on the Spiderman table tonight

                  Ball 1, GG level 2, I had the two pumpkin balls on the table and sent one of them straight up the right ramp (which was lit) I then lost the ball SDTM and at the same time sent the other pumpkin ball up the right ramp as well.

                  The game just stuck, no end of ball bonus, unable to tilt the table I had to just end the game as nothing happened from just waiting