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Wolverine Ball Lock Glitch

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  • Wolverine Ball Lock Glitch

    Hello Zen Studios... Congratulations creating the best pinball game known to man. Your physics/graphics engine is fantastic and your tables provide hours upon hours of great fun. I have been having a great time with the 4 new Marvel tables.

    While playing the Wolverine table I have come across a glitch that causes you to lose your current ball without even being able to see it.

    Basically you send it up the rear ramp to light one of the 2 holes to activate the ball lock. I have never had a problem with the amnesia hole, but the SNIKT hole sometimes prematurely releases the ball while the camera is zoomed up on Silver Samurai doing his ball lock stabbing animation.

    So you activate the lock, the camera zooms in to watch the cool SS ball lock animation, then the camera zooms out only to find out that you have lost your current ball, while the camera was zoomed in. At first I thought it was a 1 time glitch but I have had it happen to me at least 10 times since the release of the Marvel content.

    Anyone else having similar problems?

    Also having problems with advancing the multipliers to get an extra ball on Iron Man as others have mentioned. Seems there is a missing gate up there somewhere. Have never been able to get high enough to earn the extra ball... I think the highest I've ever gotten is 6x and that was on a ball that lasted 30 plus minutes.

    Vertical monitor mode (tate) would be greatly appreciated as well.

    I love the work you guys do and will continue to support your company with day 1 purchases. Keep up the great work. Thanks.


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    I've had orbit type shots that get stuck, no worries on those, just don't touch the controller for a while and it will reset the ball for you. as for the other things you mentioned, odd things do happen, don't worry about them too much unless they happen often...the new physics can cause odd bounces, it's pretty unpredictable sometimes. IMO this is a double edge sword, but I love it for the unpredictability sometimes.


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      I've seen (once) the SNIKT saucer start releasing the ball instantly as well, though never during the lock animation, probably because I didn't lock any balls during that game. I'll forward your report.


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        Originally posted by Solitude
        I've seen (once) the SNIKT saucer start releasing the ball instantly as well, though never during the lock animation, probably because I didn't lock any balls during that game. I'll forward your report.
        Thanks for the quick response. I was calling them holes the whole time when in fact they are saucers, lol.

        I too have seen the SNIKT saucer do some weird things like active 2 times with only one shot, and prematurely release balls. It really isn't that big of an issue during regular game play because you can see what is happening, but when it happens during the ball lock animation, you don't stand a chance since you can't see what's going on...

        I play in view 3 and I am unsure if the camera still zooms in during the ball lock animation when you have the camera set on a stationary view such as 6. I will check it out.

        BTW, looks like Captain America came up from behind and took the lead from Ghost Rider. Can't wait to get a peek at the new table


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          I've seen this happen during the adamantium bonding thing too. The ball registers as having locked but falls out of the saucer instrantly. You hear the lock sound and the saucer light goes out.

          It's a bit tricky locking the ball in the top saucer when it's fallen out already. Same happens with the upper saucer.


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            Both holes definitely exhibit the instant-release symptom; luckily, I haven't had the problem during the ball lock animation, but unfortunately I don't activate that too often. It happens to me about once every 80-100 million points.


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              Same thing happened to me last night, this time from the amnesia saucer... I guess both of the saucers are vulnerable to the early eject.

              It hasn't happened during any of my record games thankfully. I find myself wildly spamming the flippers whenever I activate the ball lock in a good game just to hope I don't drain. The only thing I can think of to do as of now is set the action camera to be always on and hope it gives you a view of the saucer you sent it in while the ball lock animation is going on. That way at least you have somewhat of a chance if you see it release early. But then again the constant action cam is kind of annoying and sometimes it gets in the way of whats going on.