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    New to the boards and new to Zen Pinball, not very good at it but loving every second. Add me if you feel like being charitable PSN id shinkirox

    much love


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      Psn id psvita: djshadow28

      Psn id ps3: djwille


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        Well I'm second on the Pro Score table at the moment, but I soon won't be once the best players start playing ZP2. Still, the new Pro Score system seems to reward consistency across multiple tables, and less so for getting huge scores on some of the tables, which is a good thing. If there is one thing I am good at, it is being consistent.

        Anyway, feel free to friend me. my PSN ID is my username, and I could do with boosting my Team Score a bit and I love to help you boost yours. But let me reiterate that you need to tell me that you are from these fora in your friend request as I tend to not make friends with people I don't know!
        PSN: Jeppo99
        Feel free to friend me, but make sure you mention that you are from these forums.


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          PSN: Rabid_Shark

          i have all tables of zen and The Pinball Arcade

          i do multiplayer as well friendly competition of course but i mostly try to work on my scores if you want to play MP give me a nudge if im playing i do communicate and i don't bit
          if i did not add you just try sending me one i do loose track sometimes

          if i am full send me a message and i will try to make some room
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            My Psn is KillerXp82, I'll mostly be playing it on the Vita & Xbox as I'm not impressed with how it looks or plays on my Ps3. I was hoping Zen Pinball 2 would make it better for me to play on the Ps3 but Oh well as least it's on the Vita now, I'd still hop on the ps3 version if some multiplayer action is going down.


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              Stephen220378 don't expect me to be that competitive though, a couple of years ago I wasn't too bad at ZP and had some half decent scores but I've let my skills deteriorate into those of a complete novice since then through lack of play despite buying all the DLC tables and Marvel Pinball, maybe someone to compete against again will be boot in the backside I need.


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                I'm new to the forums, but a long time Zen Pinball fan! The Vita version is by far my favorite version.

                Need more friends for High Score challenges - my PSN is jhaasl.


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                  My psn id is twsh

                  PSN ID: twsh
                  Steam ID: twsh


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                    Friend invites


                    I just send invites to everyone on this list but I didn't know how to add a message
                    Feel free to add me, my PSN ID is Niks_x.


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                      Hey Guys!

                      I had ZEN Pinball 1 all the time on my PS3 but never really played a lot. But now with the new Version 2 I want to play a lot more.
                      Feel free to add me. My PSN is JaRi85. I nearly added the whole thread here. If I missed one, please don't be angry. Just add me, I will accept.

                      Have fun. We see us at the tables.



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                        Add me!

                        PSN ID: mawah


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                          My PSN: Lym81

                          None of my current friends have Zen Pinball 2 so would love to have some new friends from here who have the game


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                            Another PSN ID for y'all: JTenebrous . Just include ZEN in the message. I'm just a casual player (ok, actually, I try quite hard to be good, but only manage to be semi-decent so that's my excuse) and would really enjoy having some friendly competition.

                            Cheers ~ Jonny.


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                              Thanks For the Bucketful of Responses!

                              Oddly, several of you were rejected by the Sony-Gods, by decree that "you cannot send more than one friend request to the same person.". I checked, and... I didn't. Oh, well. The Gods they are a fickle bunch. Anyways, to the ones that were allowed to pass muster, thank you for accepting my requests, and for adding your own. Let the games begin!


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                                Hey! friendly competition is great! as well as team scores too.
                                my psn is draig3791 add me and make refference to Zen forums. I have enough space to add more. Though, I'm more a casual player than hardcore pinball person. I still love to play with others when I feel like playing pinball.
                                PSN ID: draig3791