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    Great news!

    I remember way back in 2011 when Mel was being interviewed and he let this slip out.


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      I will be buying these tables for sure. I love every table so far, and have no doubt these will be fun too, but I would be remiss if I did not mention that I find the Episode V table to look very much the same as the MARS table in layout. The Boba Fett table kinda reminds me a bit of Fantastic Four/Wolverine.

      Am I the only one that sees this?

      I made this account just to ask.
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        This is amazing news! I'm already digging the looks of the Boba Fett table with Jabba in the background.
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          Great! Star Wars has so many clich├ęs... wonder how many I will recognise while playing the tables. Glad to hear that there are 10 tables planned although I do hope that they are being released interspersed with some awesome Zen originals. I'm also holding thumbs that with a big name franchise like this, that Zen have pulled out all the stops to do some proper quality assurance with regards to both glitches and scoring balance before releasing the tables... don't want to have another Civil War spammable scoring exploit that spoils the rest of the table.
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            I was just wondering what the next Zen table would be and ... WHAM - three new ones announced. watched the IGN video, very nice looking stuff.

            Can't wait. Instabuy! Is it the end of the month yet?


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              Well done for this duo with Lucasart, you're just... great !

              But now I hope there will be indiana jones tables too !
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                Sounds fun, but doesn't look like it is coming to Wii U.


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                  Yes! Yes! Yes!


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                    It will be a refreshing change to all the Marvel tables out there. I admit that I was starting to get bored of them.

                    Barbie, I don't suppose you'll tell us how far into the development stage these tables are at the moment?
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                      Sweet on the Star Wars announcement.

                      Originally posted by derKlaus
                      Data East and Sega somewhat belongs to Stern Pinball (at least I think so, since Data East invested in Gary Stern in the 90ies and later sold the Pinball Division to Sega).
                      You are correct! Stern owns the assets to Data East and Sega Pinball.


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                        Originally posted by snakeman07
                        Darn tootin'!

                        I suggest everyone watch the latest Up at Noon, It's all about Star Wars Pinball It's in the link I posted earlier, but I'll embed it here...Man, Neil is such a chill dude
                        How nice of him, he said about Zen fans, "some of them are crazy."


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                          Originally posted by Everly
                          Sounds fun, but doesn't look like it is coming to Wii U.
                          The platforms listed are the only ones confirmed at launch. The force is strong with Wii U


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                            Originally posted by BarbieBobomb
                            How nice of him, he said about Zen fans, "some of them are crazy."
                            Haha yeah, I couldn't help but think about us here at the forums when he said that lmao.


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                              Make sure to check out the Game Informer article as well, this online one is good, but if you can get your hands on the print version, I highly recommend it!!!


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                                I have a feeling there's going to be a surge of new players (kind of obvious, but still)...BRACE YOURSELVES.