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    So, I've never seen any of the new SW movies,just the old ones,years ago. What are some reasons Jar Jar sucks so bad? I for for one know that he looks totally ridiculous. What excatly is his role in the SW universe? I appreciate any/all replies. Have a great day!!! Can't wait to try the tables out when I get home this evening!!!!
    P.S. He totally runined William's literal last table they ever made, a Pinball 2000 machine, called SW Episode 1.
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    The prequels are just awful compared to the originals. Jar Jar is just one of many problems... Watch this:

    These Mr Plinkett reviews are so good that it's worth having the prequels around. I hope they get remade (with a completely different story) some day. The review of kingdom of the crystal skull is very funny too. Also check out a very nice documentary: The People Vs George Lucas.


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      As someone who has the Star Wars Complete Blu Ray Boxset and VHS DVD BLAH BLAH lol, I can say that I did enjoy the prequels, yes they are not as great as the original trilogy but there is still enjoyment to be had in them. My personal favourite of the prequel trilogy is Episode III.

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        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, thanks a lot Flynn. The City Is My Church


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          Jar Jar Binks only exists to have a comedy character on the film, like Sid in Ice Age or the Donkey in Shrek.
          But Jar Jar Binks is not very funny, he's annoying, you want to punch/kick/nuclear his face everytime he opens his mouth.
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            HAHAHAHAAHHA, my wife, who has seen the new ones, said the exact same thing as you Mammouth,LOL.
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