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SW table Impressions so far?

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  • surf1der
    I think Episode V is my favorite so far. It has a very clean look to it and has great flow. I like all the missions and side missions. And sure enough, Deep was not joking about stacked madness. Like all of his other tables there is stacking. I'm not sure if you stack different multiball modes but you can definitely stack multiballs with missions. I haven't figured out the TRAINING mission. I think I only hit the lasers with the lightsaber once or twice. I haven't figured out the timing. All the missions seem to have multiple parts so it is definitely more challenging than I thought at first. I like how the kickbacks are not super easy or super hard to get. It seems just right. This table is a home run.

    Boba Fett is pretty fun. Those return lanes are FAST which makes shots pretty difficult. The Newton Ball is pretty cool but it can be tricky to hit it with the right amount of force to expose the HUTT bounty hole. I think I need to try the different bounty missions. I kept choosing the regular bounty where you have to hit each lane once. I hope the bounties missions are more varied than that.

    I haven't spent much time with Clone Wars so I can't make much of a judgement on this table. But this table has some very bright art work. WOW. I might have to turn down the brightness or contrast on my TV for that table. I just did one mission where a big shield comes up and you have to hit the outer lanes to make combo shots within the shield. Pretty cool.

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  • snakeman07
    That's funny, I think locking the balls in the sinkholes on the Clone Wars table is super duper easy lol liking The Clone Wars very much. Like you said, it's like there's some ramp spam but at the same time there isnt, it's about those hurry up modes. I think I only beat 2 missions, the one you mentioned and an easy one where you just hit the bad guy lol. TESB table is pretty interesting, but I'd like to think by first impressions that it's my least favorite (honestly don't know yet, though). It's pretty cool, got to level 3 jedi training, I have no clue what to do during Vader Frenzy or whatever it's called, wher there's a ramp in the middle of the table and you have to shoot it up somewhere, seems like he grabs it almost every time (seems like he's supposed to? It shows points every time he does). Yoda bonus is good, you get to choose a bonus of your choice to help you with the wizard mode. Boba Fett is pure awesome, as I mentioned in the Boba Fett thread. I spelled Boba fe, only missed the last two letters.

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  • MarkItZeroSmoky
    Have you checked it through the store? The icons didnt appear first i had to go in through the store, not the in game menu.

    Lol Nevermind as well.

    Tables are AWESOME so far! Going back to my ps3 now.....
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  • poopo33

    never mind I'm an idiot, but now I feel reeel grooovvvvy

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  • poopo33
    Where is my star wars tables!!!!!!

    I've been updating my vita and PS3 all day and there are no Star Wars tables yet. If you say its coming out on the 26th, then release it on the f*cking 26th. I need my fix!!!!

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  • maink
    i already know boba fett will be my favorite .
    the voice sound weird in esb don't know why they didn't sample the actors voices ,but the table is good

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  • tenorhero
    started a topic SW table Impressions so far?

    SW table Impressions so far?

    Hey all wondering what your impressions on the SW tables so far. I haven't read any rule sheets because I like to figure out the tables on my own. Eventually will.

    I played Clone wars first and I was impressed by it. The ramp shots take a bit getting used to. I thought it was going to be ramp spam but it's not quite true. There are ramps yes and combos can lead to some great scores but the hurry-ups are where the points are. Accuracy is still king as playing the missions. I liked the mission where there is a force field and you have to shoot the orbits to get into the center and plant bombs.

    Varied missions all leading to ramp combos which isn't bad. Lighting lock is easy....... locking the ball on those side sink-holes isn't.

    Still trying to figure out what start T-6 multiball All I know is you can stack it with regular multiball as well.

    Gunship hurry-up takes a bit to long to finish actually It tells you what ramp to shoot and I think you score 1m per shot and ramps up every time you shoot the ball into the gunship. If you miss your shield dwindles down. So be accurate with your shots.

    That clone trooper mini-game is quite fun actually you need to shoot at targets to get to the next stage. After completing it you get your trophy I think the score ramps up the next time you get another level.

    Actually impressed with this table. Only played a couple of games.

    ESB (Episode V)

    Wow what a great table! Lots of different modes withing each scene. It seems a lot harder than expected.

    Locking the ball is unexpectedly interesting. You have to shoot the lock hole from the upper right flipper by the outlanes. I'm so confused on how I started some mutiballs. Not by locking the ball with the above method.

    Didn't have time to delve into this table but I am very VERY impressed by this table.

    I only completed Scene 1.


    Unfortunately I did not have to much time to play this table that much. It's very interesting and can be tough. Those in lanes coming from ramp shots come back so fast so either prepare to use your flipper or let it rollover to the other flipper.

    What's interesting is you only collect your bounty by locking the ball into your ship that flies right in front of your flippers. You have to shoot the ramp which can get annoying as it rotates back and forth in front of you. I like the spy mission where you hop onto the rafting and fight against a storm trooper.

    Other than that I think I will like this one only because you can choose how difficult the mission can be. The more points you want the tougher it is. only lit BOBA FE. That's pretty much all I had time for.

    That said Great pack ZEN so looking forward to see what the next tables will be.
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