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Bugs on Star Wars tables

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  • Bugs on Star Wars tables

    On the Boba Fett table, I had just lost the Han Solo bounty so I lost two Boba Fett letters. I made the skillshot, and shot Jabba during the sharpshooter video mode. Then I selected the retrieve stolen goods bounty that takes you to the space minigame where you shoot TIE fighters. Once I selected this mission I could see my ball drain as the camera was panning away from the table to the minigame mode. The minigame mode started for a second but the camera panned back to the table when the ball finally drained. Once it drained the camera zoomed to the launcher but the table would not feed another ball into the launcher and hitting the flippers or nudging did nothing. Even though the camera was zoomed in on the table, I could hear the sound effects of minigame still going on. Once the minigame presumably ended, the camera zoomed out from the launcher view and a ball was ejected from the orbit (which normally happens after finishing the video mode).

    Has anyone else encountered this bug? I have played the space minigame around 5 or 6 times and have only encountered this bug once and have not been able to reproduce it.

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    Empire Strikes Back

    as i locked the 4th Ball for Cloud'City Multiball , it seemed to start the MB , just without launching any Balls, tilt got undoable , waitet some minutes, eithout nudging, to look if it gives me the Playball back.. nope .... i was stuck & had to restart new ....