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    Originally posted by Spirit X View Post
    Although getting your score up is something that happens quite slowly on this table, especially at first, my experience has been that:

    Once you get through to your second wizard mode you can comfortably get up to maybe 200-400 million in wizard mode. You do have to take the time to get as many YODA bonuses as you can along the way though.

    As someone said above, if you keep a ball in play for good long while then getting the Collect Bonus Empire Award can net you lots and lots. Think I've seen up to about 350 mil so far. Look out for the Empire bug though.

    It's pretty easy to activate Jedi and Sith multiballs at the same time and then keep an eye on your jackpot totals to acivate the Balance Jackpot.

    Hyperspace is quite easy to milk too.

    Finally, I think that Star Wars Frenzy and the FORCE Jackpot hurry-ups are the most consistently productive for score. AT-ST hunt can be good but there's a fair bit of luck involved in getting the ball stuck among the bumpers for a good long time.
    I agree, this is a slower scoring table.

    I've completed 3 Jedi Training and a few TIE multiballs in one game. The scoring is okay but does increase over playthroughs. Can these be spammed (other than TIE hurry-up)?
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