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video freezing on s3

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  • video freezing on s3

    I have been having this issue since day one. I have tried numerous video and audio settings tontry resolve it but with no luck. I start the game on my android s3 phone, choose the table and play. About 30 seconds into playing the game the video just freezes. I can hear the padles moving and the ball as well. I can even pause the game and see the menu but when u press resume it stays at a settings menu but once again I can still hear everything. Its very frustrating. I have tried different settings, reinstalling the game and even restored my phone. Nothing helps. Please help advise what to do

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    Message me and I'll help you troubleshoot it or I can request a refund for you.


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      Same problem on GS3

      I've got the same problem. I don't want a refund since it works fine on my Asus tablet.

      Was hoping there was some fix so it wouldn't freeze (screen splits) on GS3.

      Currently, when it happens, I pause, then I choose Table Guide, then I back up back to the table and it's fixed. However, it'll freeze (screen splits) after a few more seconds of play.

      Happens on all of the zen tables that I have.

      I've tried going to my settings and adjusting different options but I can't find a solution.

      Will there be an update soon that fixes this?