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Upper flippers not working on standalone Star Wars version. [Video]

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  • Upper flippers not working on standalone Star Wars version. [Video]


    I came to this forum to see if anyone else had a problem with the upper flippers not working properly (delayed) on the standalone Star Wars pinball on PS3, but I cant seem to find anyone with the same problem...

    Here's a quick video I recorded to show what I mean.

    Notice there's a delay between the lower flippers and the upper ones. I have to hold the lower flipper down for a second in order to get the top ones to activate.

    I originally purchased the Star Wars tables as part of Zen Pinball 2, and they all work fine if I play them through that version, but unfortunately the stand alone version is unplayable due to this problem, which persists even if I restart the game/system...

    Is there anything I can do to fix the problem? Since it doesn't seem to be affecting anyone else.

    (I live in Australia if that information changes anything)

    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

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    That's the two-stage flipper effect, it can be turned off in the Operator's menu:

    Originally posted by ER777
    In Star Wars Pinball after launching a table pause and go to the Operator's Menu. Select Utilities and then Extra Adjustments (note the message that says its ok to change these settings and you will still have access to the leaderboards and trophies). In that menu set the Upper Arms Sensitivity to 0 which means it will have no extra delay from when the lower flippers flip. You will need to do this on each table individually, but after you do you will no longer have the two-stage effect.

    In Zen 2 they automatically made L1 & R1 a full-strength flip so all flippers activate simultaneously. However if you use L2 & R2 only setting* they will have the same two-stage effect as you see in TPA, unless you change the sensitivity in the operators menu like above.

    *Not the 1 & 2 combo setting either - that takes the characteristics of the L1-R1 setting


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      Thanks for the quick answer!

      Wow, I never knew the upper triggers on the PS3 controller had any type of sensitivity sensors. I just assumed they were simple on/off buttons, unlike the lower triggers.

      Thanks again!


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        Any time