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[Android] Star Wars Pinball standalone vs 3 tables in Zen Pinball HD?

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  • [Android] Star Wars Pinball standalone vs 3 tables in Zen Pinball HD?

    What is the difference between those 2 choices?

    I can see that SW Pinball costs as much as one SW table in Zen Pinball.
    Will I receive all 3 tables for this money, or only one SW table?

    Are the physics engines same?

    If there will be new SW tables - will those be available in both ZPHD and SWP?

    Do both versions have the same Swarm functionality?

    Also one offtopic question.
    When I buy table in ZPHD - to what entity it bounds? What if I do factory reset on my phone? What if I change phone?

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    Just the look of the program, and a couple unique features in the standalone: jedi/sith rank, and balance of the force (community tug of war).

    1 table - ESB.




    It is bound to your Google account that you used to purchase the table with. Hit the shopping cart refresh button to re-download any tables purchased with that account. Factory resets and changing devices will not affect your ability to do this, as long as you are signed in with that account.


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      Thank you, Solitude.