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  • Duo Pinball for iPad


    I want to thank Zen Studios for making excellent pinball and software games.

    The question I have is I purchased a Duo Pinball which connects via Bluetooth for the iPad. This accessory allows for side buttons and a plunger. I was wondering if there will be support for this item in the future or maybe something like it for your pinball tables?

    See Link below

    Thank you so much!

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    Hello and welcome

    We've had lots of requests for controller support, I will add this to the list of requests. I've heard rumors that iOS 7 will include some kind of controller support, but I have no idea what that would mean for Zen Pinball. I'll of course keep everyone posted.


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      Add my support for controllers. The duo doesn't interest me. But controller support would probably interest me depending on what kind features Apple includes. Analog buttons for 2 stage flippers and nudge mapped to an analog stick is superior to the current control scheme configuration for the iPad.