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Left flipper issue on Starfighter Assualt on Android.

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  • Left flipper issue on Starfighter Assualt on Android.

    There is some issue with the Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force on Android.
    I uses S4 with newest Android to play this game. When playing Starfighter there are hidden button on the left side, same place as on the BOBA FETT missile button. When pressing there the right flipper doesn't respond unless I press below that position.

    Tested on all three. Same issue on all of them.
    Wrote wrong side on the thread, but the problem is on the right side.
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    Not sure whether I understood the description but it seems I have a similar problem, also on android.
    When the first mission (Galaga style mini game) is triggered the launch button works just fine. But when I trigger the same mission a second time my tie-fighters won't shoot anymore and the launch button doesn't respond...
    Anyone else having this problem?
    Playing on a nexus 4 with latest android, 4.3.