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Which Star Wars table pack is the best?

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  • Which Star Wars table pack is the best?

    Like, which pack has the best balanced tables in terms of scoring? Example, tables that don't rely on spamming one mission to get the high score.

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    Well, there's only two packs, but I like the 1st pack (Empire Strikes Back, Clone Wars, Boba Fett) much, much better than the 2nd (Balance of the Force - Return of the Jedi, Starfighter Assault, Darth Vader).

    IMO, Clone Wars and Darth Vader play similar; you spam a lot of side missions, and the main missions are lengthy and rather somewhat tough. But Clone Wars has a much better pace; Darth Vader side of plods along.

    Return of the Jedi is similar in design to Empire Strikes Back, but has been made more difficult, but mainly in annoying fashion. I also don't think it captures the spirit of the movie nearly as well as Empire did.

    I haven't played Starfighter Assault enough to compare it to Boba Fett.
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      I think Starfighter Assault is also a little harder than Boba Fett. Both tables are great for scoring ridiculous amounts of points but Boba Fett just takes the cake. You can earn stupid amounts of points by completing the main missions which will give you 50 million+ for completion and one million for each shot you make towards the goal of the mission. That's more points than on any other table I think. Also the wizard mode on Boba Fett will net you a high amount of points as well. I'd say it's the easiest table to get 1 billion+ points.

      Starfighter Assault is good for points as well but not as easy to play and oftentimes there are things happening that you don't want.


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        I sank many hours into Empire Strikes Back which is my favourite, followed by Starfighter I guess both packs are cool
        However, all in all I think the first pack gives you more bang for your buck since the Vader table - feeling rather static and unoriginal - is definitely the weakest of the whole bunch. As already mentioned by another user Return of the Jedi is much more difficult than Empire in a rather annoying way. Imho it's also less "cinematic" and therefore doesn't capture the vibe of the film like Empire does. Don't get me wrong Return is still a fun table but I find Empire much more balanced. I just hope that "Deep" doesn't ramp up the difficulty even more in the inevitable New Hope table...