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Possible developer error on PS4 version, please help.

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  • Possible developer error on PS4 version, please help.

    I must've tried mission 3 about 50 times now, and am pretty sure there's an error with the right upper flipper. No matter where I hit the ball on the flipper, the result is completely random. Sometimes it goes straight and hits the beacon on the other side of the table (like I'm supposed to in the mission). But at other times, it flies up into the ramp.

    Is there some other strategy involved? Does hitting the R2 button softer matter or is that even possible? How do you make the upper flippers "aim" the ball better? Nothing seems to work.

    Or has anyone actually beaten mission 3 on PS4? Because I'm pretty sure there must be a developer error.

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    Which table are you talking about?


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      Darth Vader. Sorry, forgot to mention that.