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Star Wars Pinball 2 and Zen Pinball HD

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  • Star Wars Pinball 2 and Zen Pinball HD

    Well, this may be a recurrent topic…
    After playing Zen Pinball on the playstation, I decided, today, I wanted it also on my tablet.

    I downloaded the Zen Pinball HD app and also Star Wars Pinball thinking the latter was an add-on to the former.
    To my surprise I ended up with 2 apps! I said to myself, must be the same thing, just 2 shortcuts. But when I added tables to Star Wars Pinball, they were not reflected automatically in Zen Pinball HD !
    Only when I came to this forum, did I understand they were not the same app.

    I have some questions :

    - What is the difference between Star Wars Pinball 2 and Zen Pinball HD ?
    - Assuming there are none, if one buys some tables in Star Wars Pinball 2, why are they not updated in Zen Pinball HD ?
    - If Zen Pinball HD is better than Star Wars Pinball 2, how can I cancel my purchase of Star Wars Pinball, in order to buy these tables in Zen Pinball HD ? I basically want 1 app, not 2.

    Thank you for your answers.

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    Maybe a Zen person / customer support, can help me out ?


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      Hi Ikarus - The tables in each app are the same, but we published them in two different apps so we could include the Star Wars features you get in the SWP app. We don't have a way to transfer them between apps (per Google Play policy), unfortunately. Sorry for any confusion!


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        I understand.
        Thanks for your answer.