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  • Millennium Falcon Table Idea

    I just had a cool idea for a table, and I think basing it on the Millenium Falcon could really work. The ship itsel would be the main part of the playfield, it's even shaped well for one, but what would make the table unique would be how dynamic the different ramps could become. This would happen, and it even fits thematically, by entering hyperspace and docking at a new planet. Each planet would have its own system of rails that would attach to the Falcon. This way the table's gameplay could be dramatically changed with each planet visited, offering a tremendous amount of replayability, strategies, and exploration.
    Different players prefer different tables. Some prefer more technical play fields while others prefer ones with really smooth flow. Others like tables with a lot of toys and gadgets while some prefer simpler tables with more open spaces. Giving the player the ability to chose his/her destination would allow players the ability to go to planets that feature gameplay styles that they enjoy the most. The amount of different table styles and gameplay elements would only be limited by the the number of planets included. Plus, the table could evolve even after release, simply by adding new planets later on.
    I own every Zen Pinball 2 table and am a huge video pinball fan. I'd love to see a table like this. I even have the main Falcon idea already sketched out, as well as three planet docks that offer up varying styles of play. If anyone at Zen would be interested I'd love to have the opportunity to share them with you guys. Of course, if you all don't take in ideas that way, then I'd still like to see you guys make a table like this. I think a lot of people would really enjoy it.

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    This sounds really neat! Thank you!