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Rogue One: A Trophy Glitch

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  • BarbieBobomb
    Thanks for the info!

    Anyone else have this issue? Let me know!

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  • Kraig
    started a topic Rogue One: A Trophy Glitch

    Rogue One: A Trophy Glitch

    Edit: I got it to work now. Amended my bug report below.

    Bug Report
    Issue: Deathtrooper Multiball mode no longer works as designed; Deathtrooper never appears
    System: Playstation Vita - Star Wars Pinball Application
    Can this be replicated?: Even when starting a new game this issue persists. Nevermind. Works now.

    I think this issue originated back when I accidentally started a multiball mode during the 'Almost Caught' mission. No Deathtrooper came out and I thought, "ah well, trying to do this mission anyways". However all future Deathtroopers modes are now bugged. When I start it, no Deathtrooper appears despite 3 balls and the DMD display telling me to hit the Deathtrooper. This goes on forever and until I drain the extra balls after ball save goes away. Now that I got it to work I'm wondering if the issue has to do with Fast Locking when you have the Lock Lit already? Just a theory. Could also be that I closed the application and went back in.

    This issue prevents obtaining the trophy "Demilitarized zone". As noted I got it to work so the possible workaround for now if someone happens to get this bug is to close out on your Star Wars Pinball application altogether.

    Thanks for looking into this Zen team.
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