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  • Empire Strikes Back - Yoda rewards

    Hello everyone,,
    As mentioned in another thread, after thinking for the longest time that you can only pick a reward once, I figured out that you can pick the same one each time if you desire. My question is, which are the better ones to select?

    I believe these are the 5 rewards:

    Extra 15 seconds
    Additional ball
    Additional jackpot lane
    Increased jackpot lane scoring
    Special jackpot lane added

    The extra 15 seconds is obviously a good choice.

    I'm not sold on the additional mobdro lucky patcher kodi jackpot lane. If they remained in place the whole time, yes. But (for those who don't know), after you hit one, it disappears until you hit the other(s), which I think takes away much of the benefit of it.

    Ditto for the extra balls. Three or more balls are a lot harder to control and aim than two. It works great when everything is lit. Not so great when you have to place a specific shot.

    Where I'm torn is between the increased jackpot scoring and the special lane. The special lane appears to be a one-time shot. In the game I had it it was worth 10 million points. Is it's value increased by the increased jackpot lane scoring bonus, or is it set at 10 million regardless? And how much does the increased jackpot lane bonus increase the jackpot? Knowing this I think goes a long way towards answering my question.

    Any thoughts?
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