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Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 FAQ

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    I wonder how the new physics will play out

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  • BarbieBobomb
    started a topic Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 FAQ

    Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 FAQ

    To clear up any confusion, I've put together an FAQ for you all to check out. I hope this helps. If you still have more questions, feel free to ask, I will do my best to clarify!

    Frequently asked questions:

    1. How do I get the free Zen Pinball 2 upgrade?

    Simply download Zen Pinball 2 from the PlayStation Store when it releases, and all of your Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball tables will be unlocked within Zen Pinball 2.

    2. I’m AMAZING at Zen Pinball! What about my trophies and scores? What happens to them?

    All of your old Zen Pinball scores and trophies will remain intact. However, they will not carry over to the new platform.

    3. What will happen to Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball? Where will all my tables go?

    Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball will remain on your PS3 as is. All of your Zen Pinball and Marvel tables will also show up in Zen Pinball 2 under one roof and totally updated. All tables will also be available on the PS Vita as well! You only have to purchase them once and you get them on PS3 and Vita.

    4. Do I have to post scores to Facebook?

    You don’t have to if you don’t want to. This feature is optional.

    5. Can I play it on the Vita with the screen held vertically in portrait mode?

    Yes! That is one of the best parts of playing on the Vita! Go for it!

    6. Can I remap the controls?

    Yes! You can map the flippers to directional buttons (left flipper) and circle button (right flipper). You can also control the flipper from the front or rear touch panels as well. The default control for the flippers is the two shoulder buttons.

    7. Can I play my own music while I play Zen Pinball 2?


    8. I am a PS+ subscriber and I have bought tables through PS+, will I lose those tables?

    Of course not! All tables will transfer over to the new platform with updated physics.

    9. Wait!! I haven’t bought all the tables from Zen Pinball yet! Can I still do that on ZP2?

    Yes! Please do!

    10. I don’t have Zen Pinball, just Marvel Pinball. How does Zen Pinball 2 affect me?

    You still get the upgrade for free! ZP2 is bringing all the Marvel Tables and Zen Pinball tables together with playable demos for each table, so if you do not yet have any tables from Zen Studios, it’s time to check them out!

    11. Should I delete Marvel Pinball and Zen Pinball after I update to ZP2?

    That’s up to you. You don’t need to. If you’d like to keep your old scores, don’t delete them.

    12. I would love to show my friends how awesome I am at pinball. What about multiplayer?

    There will be local split screen multiplayer available on ZP2 for the PS3, and online multiplayer that allow you to set parameters for a game such as what score to play to and ball loss penalties.

    13. WHEN does Zen Pinball 2 release?

    SEPTEMBER 4TH, 2012

    14. I live in Europe! When do I get to play?

    SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2012

    15. Will there be DLC for Zen Pinball 2?

    Of course! We will be supporting Zen Pinball 2 with regular DLC updates!

    16. Are there separate scoreboards for Vita and PlayStation 3?

    Nope! All you Zen Pinball 2 players will have 1 set of scoreboards for both platforms. Individual Zen Pinball 2 scores will be shared between PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

    17. How much space will Zen Pinball 2 take up on my Vita?

    Zen Pinball 2 will take up about 1GB of space with all tables downloaded.
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