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A couple of ideas for new tables.

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  • A couple of ideas for new tables.

    The table variety is great in ZP and MP, but I miss a table that has the feeling of new Stern pinballs like Transformers, Spiderman or Iron Man: doubling shots for the remaining of the ball, stacking multiball modes, etc.

    Also, having already worked with Capcom, how about a Devil May Cry or Resident Evil tables? That would be badass.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! And welcome to the forum


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      I forgot they've worked with Capcom before... Are they working with Capcom now?!?

      A Megaman X table would be the most EPIC thing I can imagine. Just think about it, you could have different balls (avengers style) for the different weapons... Just sayin', it would make an awesome pinball.


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        Devil May Cry 3 Table Please!

        Devil May Cry 3 is the best in the series in my opinion so I would love for that to be made into a Table.

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          Almost forgot. Could you make it so that the scoring poping up for each switch in the playfield and the "arcade effects" (ball halo and sparks) are two separate options?

          The individual score assessment is very useful to figure out what shots are worth going for, but the arcade effects kinda take away the feeling of realistic pinball. I'd love to be able to turn them on or off individually.